yeah hes fucking dead because hes the db community's powers lol

in like 2 seconds though after he died he came back so i dont fucking know


he looks like he just went through an existential crisis, he has a SUPER BUFF LUNALA on his back which he is poised as litteraly every time he moves

speaking of moves

Whack Attacks

key name description damage cooldown
LMB the old B treatment Throw a BEE at your opponent, Dealing 10 dot until the opponent dies, Max bees stacked are 10. 10 damage of course 2 seconds
E ENBUFFEN Become REALLY fucking buff, Increasing max hp by 10 and speed by 1 Permanently lol none 30 seconds
R you young whippersnappers and your elements Instantly gain every element for 5 seconds, Firing a stream of rainbow bullets in all of the elements (including that radium one because whatever) 100 damage 15 seconds
F oh shit is that a train A train Drives behind everybody and litteraly fucking hits them, Breaking their backs dealing 10 damage to your teammates and the enemy somehow 10 5 Seconds
T owo whats this Say owo whats this at such a loud volume, You implode everybody except you and other nuke squads infinity 0 seconds
G 15/15/15 moves are horrible Become a whip for 10 seconds, Whipping people. 135 50 seconds
Q 50/50/50 is rigged throw 50 tables infront of you, demolishing all dreams that people may of had none, just ruins their life 0


Increase LMB Stack, 5 stacks per every 3 SP spent

Add 1 train per upgrade to F

MORE ELEMENTS. (also more damage)

whack baccstory yo

alright so basically he lived in a town of bel air but found a random weeb drawing some art and because he was assigned to kill that nibba he stabbed him ninety times then got litteraly ripped into ninety shreds, but because hes super bub and stealed anime powers from earlier assasinated people he could regenerate back into pieces after that all hapened !!!!! nabaja was like "yo nibba is that what i think it is" when he went outside he was blinded by some crazy shield faggot who was blinding him so he put like 10 pairs of thin sunglasses on to become the definition of blind, which he then fell down twenty flights of stairs and into a door that led to the edge of a skyscraper because of door teleportation and fell off an entire skyscraper, this of which he was litteraly fucking dead by the end of this, but because of his incredible non fighting death immunity hes litteraly fucking surviving everything

then spapraspam was like "actually fuckin stop you're drawing attention to other squads and gangs, and the police"

so he stopped