Mr. Stable is the stabelest of the stables in eggland.

he tries to be hip with the cool kids by wearing an adidas hoodie.


his head is an egg and has black bunny ears.


extremely stable


Move Keyword what it does dmg cooldown
Q grabs his state of the art : egg launcher 3.39 0 0
LeftClick uses his egg launcher to fire a really spiky egg 100 0.6 seconds
RightClick 10/10/10 requiredfires a really burnt spiky egg 200 1 second
E Throws a penguin egg infront of him. 300 4 seconds
R Summons a UFO egg to crash to his location to cause a big explosion. 1337 6 minutes and 66 seconds.
F activites a ^TIME EGG^ to set all cooldown to 0 for 2 seconds. 000 30 minutes
T papaya papaya -1 seconds


  • is actually truly stable
  • not a joke oc
  • seriously

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