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Morior Impertidus is an outcast OC for Devil Beater - the 4th outcast made by Filthy_Sinner and the 14th outcast in the whole group.

Moveset (WIP)

Key Description DMG CLD
LMB Morior swings his sword for medium damage. Every third swing will instead perform a clock punch, dealing less damage but with decent knockback and high lifesteal. 125 x2

75 + 80 LS

Q Morior removes all lifesteal from his attacks in exchange for an accelerated regen rate. N/A 5s
E Upon activation, Morior becomes immobile. During this state of immobilization, Morior can fire up to three black and purple cubes by using LMB, with no cooldown in between each shot. They travel at a moderate pace and deal decent damage upon hitting an enemy. This attack can be cancelled out by pressing E again. 100 + 5 LS 13s
R Morior stabs the ground with his sword, creating a small quake that deals moderate damage. If an enemy is hit by the quake, Morior gains 15% damage resistance for 5 seconds and performs a follow-up slash for low damage and lifesteal. The damage resistance effect can stack on up to 5 enemies. 250 quake

100 slash

20 slash LS

F Using all of his energy, Morior creates an enormous barrier at the posistion he is standing in. This barrier knocks back any enemy that touches it and heals all allies inside of it by 10% of their HP every second. The barrier has 300 HP as well as 50% of Morior's maximum HP. It can either last for 15 seconds, or last until the barrier is destroyed. Upon being used, Morior loses half of his current health. 50 32s

50/50/50 exclusive

Key Description DMG CLD
Passive/G When at 50/50/50, Morior has a cube that functions as a barrier. The barrier doesn't block projectiles, however, it does knock all nearby enemies away, while healing Morior for 25% of his maximum HP and growing in size whenever it touches an enemy. It can "stack" up to 8 times. (Note: Each stack increases the cube's size by 1.)

Upon pressing G, all stacks are consumed in order to cause the barrier to explode, making an AoE three times the size of the cube's size. The damage increases by 12.5% (additive) for every stack. The explosion has no lifesteal. The barrier reforms after 4s upon activation.

300 + 12.5% per stack 16s


  • Drastically increases Morior's base HP. (+16.8 from 0 - 15, +12.4 from 16 - 50)
  • Slightly increases your lifesteal and Q regeneration. (+1.2% LS from 0 - 15, +0.7% from 16 - 50. +0.2% regen per upgrade (base is 7.5%))
  • Increases all stats a small amount. (+4.8 HP from 0 - 15, +3 from 16 - 50. +2.2% damage from 0 - 15, +1.3% from 16 - 50. +0.24 speed per upgrade.)