Mora Nox is an OC for Devil Beater.


(NO IMAGE FSFPOFJOSF) Mora has the appearance of a young female. She wears a blue fedora on her head, that covers part of the teal dyed hair she has. She wears the standard blue suit and gray undershirt that Lunare users wear, along with a black skirt. Her weapon of choice is a shard of the moon that she managed to obtain on a patrol.


Key Description Damage/Buff Cooldown
(LMB) Stab. Stabs forward with the moon shard, doing low damage. 100 1.2 seconds
(E) Internal beam Mora charges up for 2 seconds, then fires 3 beams in a Y shape, each beam doing medium damage. 240 3 seconds
(R) Energy Boost Mora glows dark blue and lets out a long sigh that lasts 3 seconds, increasing the speed of teammates by 5 for 7 seconds. 7 Speed 10 seconds
(F) Nap Time! Mora throws the moon shard up into the air, then grabs it and crushes it with her hand, releasing a large wave of energy that fully heals teammates and increases their speed by 15 for 10 seconds. During this time, Mora will be asleep until the buffs go away. While asleep, Mora can't do anything. 15 Speed 20 seconds


Mora is a person who enjoys sleeping, especially in the daytime. When awake, she whines a lot, unless it's nighttime, since she feels safer and more "at home." The only time she isn't lazy when it isn't nighttime is when she has to report with her Un1t.


Mora was born from a bloodline of Stratus users, but was an anomaly due to her being the only Lunare user. Nobody knew what the element was at the time, so she was ignored the most. This changed her completely, as she started to not care for her family members. When she turned 12, Mora's parents found out that there was a Un1t Academy for all Lunare users. When they told her, she gladly joined the Un1t Academy, hopefully wanting to get to know some other people who were like her. When she first arrived, she was made fun of due to her being a newbie and not knowing jack shit. This broke her, eventually pushing her to the point to wanting to simply quit. However, in a few days, it turned out that she was more talented than most of the other drafted users. She was quickly pushed up into one of the highest ranked Un1ts, Un1t 4514, which was responsible for patrolling the moon. It was during this time she found a shard of the moon, which she took without anyone noticing.


None, as of now. (Unless people want her to have a relationship to someone..)


  • The 4514 in the Un1t Mora is in is actually a word, just in numbers.
  • Mora has a tendency to drink vodka when she's depressed or sad, despite being underage.