10 Year Methunder is a character being bought in after

Methunder buys in 10 year Avaxus

After Methunders 10 year training he picks up a new power being puppetry.


10 Year methunder wears the same top hat and goggles as he did post 10 year but wears a metal mask and you can't see his hair.


10 year methunders personallity has bene completley whiped you cant see his eyes mouth or expressions instead he conveys all emotions through his puppets.


Methunder is adding it. (table here for methunder already)

Moves Name Description Damage/healing Cooldown
LMB methunder fires a shot from his wand. 20 damage
E Puppet strings methunder lifts his enemy up in the air keeping them suspended for a few seconds then dropping them to be stunned for 1 second (being picked up is being held up by puppet strings) 5 5 seconds
R No strings attached methunder shoots out a bolt any enemy hit gets hurt and there attack gets debuffed for a short period of time 50 7 seconds
F The Show Must go on! Methunder summons 3 random puppets to fight for him (between ranged melee and other) 80 each 10 seconds

upgrades are

upgrade armour

upgrade stun duration

upgrade bolt max hit

15/15/15 adds plus 1 doll to f

25/25/25 adds another doll

and 50/50/50 adds +2 dolls

methunder himself will be able to summon more dolls



All of the puppets 10 year methunder uses are based off of real devil beater characters.

List of players to get 10 year Methunder


Arina_Azuma (for helping a ton)


list will be constantly updated (BY METHUNDER)


  • all his dolls are confirmed by there owners to be allowed
  • He's being bought in after 10 year Avaxus has been bought in.
  • 10 year methunder's moveset and appearance(?) are based off of rubick puppet master set on dota 2
  • 10 year Methunder's element is yet to be decided.