Merkel Jay is an oc for the outcasts, hopefully will be accepted.


He has the appearance of a king, with a nicely gold plated crown and blue jewels on it and Midnight blue hair.

Along with his armor which has the rags of some bright blue clothes and black armor and his choice of weapon is a sharp ice sword. His face gives the mean and sinister look.

2nd stage

His 2nd stage is now red, he has a ragged cape along with a red helmet with 2 deadly horns on the sides.

He wields dual axes, which have the set of three colours, black, white and red.


Key Desc DMG CD
LMB You slice with your ice sword, which deals 40 damage, hit the opponent enough times and you may gain a damage buff of 0.3% Slice = 40 1 second
E You severly increase your damage. None. 40 seconds.
R You throw your sword at a specified place where you want, when it lands it creates an earthquake which deals 60 damage. 60 30 seconds
F You put your sword into the ground, which summons up a constant shockwave around you, which deals 30 damage to any opponents coming into the shockwave. (Lasts for 40 seconds) 30 2 minutes
T (15/15/15 only) Plays

None of your business!

0 0 seconds
Q (50/50/50 only) You summon a MEGA blue knight (It's 10x as larger then the other blue knights) None 5 minutes
Passive You summon a blue knight every 2 minutes (Has a limit to 10) (They have infinite HP) None 2 minutes


He was once a king of an unknown land, it had quite precious goods and many treasures. He was known to be one of the strongest people there, and was pictured as ''Merkel the all-mighty'' until an unknown challenger had chosen to challenge him. After he had lost to this unknown challenger he had been forgotten and never to be seen again... and became the pure definition of an outcast.


Merkel usually likes to act bossy in front of others who he thinks are ''Peasants'' in his words.


Increase knight limit

Increase damage

Decrease cool-downs



This is the appearance of the knight and Mega knight. Their appearance changes when Merkel is either 15/15/15 or 50/50/50. (Appearances yet to be decided)

-Merkel has had one re design in appearance due to people calling him 10 year sostice.

-Merkel's 2nd stage theme is from another game called Noob defense 4.