Melonus the Third is a fan made character for Meat Beater, he will never be added in and god for fuck if anyone does enjoy using ROBLOX meshes as weapons.


Melonus is a creature of unfatomable origins, having brown and green skin, his head is a ripe watermelon with eyes poking out, with a solstice hat seemingly absorbed by the watermelon itself, with an entire fried chicken wing sticking out from his head, while donning a swordpack on his back. He also carries three different weapons, an Estoc, a Washing Pole, and a Four Pronged Plow

In his 'Purity' transformation he dons clothing that Mahiyain's F uses, as well as losing his eyes, his watermelon tears apart, revealing muscle, and multiple, size varying eyes in between them. (to be done sooner or later)


"I never asked to become what I am, and the things that I do. They come naturally, based off of the masses who view me as. However I've ascended beyond the need for followers long ago, I choose to become what I want, even if it would become my ruin."


Almost all things were born from The First's ascension to the forgotten title of Reality Devastator, Melonus was one of the many creatures born with infinite potential. By the time he had managed to gain a consciousness and was aware of his surroundings, he was a nameless deity worshiped by villagers. He was never really trapped by the shrine that was built for him, he, on multiple occasions, was able to move freely onto the different sides of the Earth, but mostly preferred to stay in the shrine due to his curiosity of the worshipers. Never understanding as to why they worship a being who can do nothing, he decided to sleep.

By the time he woke up it was from a loud sound, the worshippers were gone and he heard the sounds of screams, crying, explosions, and weapons clanging onto each other. He went outside and found that a great war had been going on while he slept, and saw one of the people run into his shrine and quickly assumed a praying pose, "Please save us from this great war! 'O great being!", the man quickly said. As the doors behind him were kicked open and the man had been slaughtered, all Melonus had done was floating there. Watching. He watched as the army tore through the village who worshiped him, leaving few survivors in their wake. By the time they had prepared to leave he had manifested into a physical body. The army before him and the barely alive survivors stared in awe as Melonus manifested into a strange shape, donning a body with brown and green skin, and a watermelon for a head, and with two small eyes poking out from it. The feeling of being able to feeling the area around him, the senses that humans had been living with for so long enticed him greatly. He walked over to a fallen soldier, and picked up a weapon, and felt it thoroughly, he unconsciously channeled his energy into the weapon, as it formed itself into a rapier. What had happened after that was that Melonus had single handed slaughtered the army and the people who had worshiped him in one fell swoop. He had left the bloody wasteland he had created, and began to travel through the ends of the Earth once more, where he had outfitted himself with many more objects he found, now donning a hat, and a swordpack on his back.

However there was a problem; his strength resided on the people who had worshipped him, and began to fade away, slowly, and painfully. Painfully slowly as his body racked with pains and an erroding mental state. His physical body faded from existence as he felt the senses he had been so very happy to enjoy began to be ripped away from him. By the time he had regained consciousness, he awoke as a demon, a lowly demon of sorts. He was summoned by many people and was asked to preform many gruesome tasks for them, all the awhile he had kept his original memories. These actions began to twist his mind further, to the point where even demons had wanted to erase him, however by the time the plan to erase him had gone into motion, Melonus had already found a way to regain his lost power...

"Faith, the very thing that empowers the divine,

Faith, the essence that only humans could supposedly provide,

Faith, a resource that allows the divine to exist within their physical bodies,

I have already gained human aspects, so I choose to believe in myself to empower myself and myself only."

His revelation sparked his transformation once again, the holy self empowered strength he had obtained caused almost the entirety of the void he had been living in to incinerate before his strength. His sacrifices-were almost everything within his sight, his worship-came from himself and only to himself, his drive-full of the shame he had experienced during his time as a lowly demon. By the time Melonus had reached back to the surface of the world, he had arose from the kitchens of a chicken restraunt. Interested by the texture of the fried chicken he had seen, he absorbed one as part of his body, however not long he was hunted by holy beings as they had believed he was still another demon. He continued and continued to slaughter all the angelic beings before him until he had somehow come face to face before another being of a similar caliber, who bore the title of Consumer of Worlds. He had conversed with the deity before him, realizing that they were both similar in their past, beings who were once worshiped and suddenly became demons, but had later rose from the shame and into their former strength. However even then, they had fought to the death, as they understood that only one of them could exist within the physical plane of existence before them. Melonus had won, and became what he is, Melonus the Third, Consumer of Worlds, the entity who had slaughter both humans, demons, and angels alike. Melonus would later create phantoms, who would traverse across worlds and timelines, these clones carry only a fraction of his power, where even then their physical bodies would degrade from the sheer power, eventually dying and later revived into an even stronger body. Their purpose is to search for anything that has the potential to become a Consumer of Worlds, so that he can hunt them down, and consume their power to fulfill The First's death wish.


Melonus brushes himself as a formal being with simplistic desires, though it's a slight facade to hide his rather unusual humor. Loving watermelons and chickens alike, he constantly consumes them as a form of offering. He isn't a fan of being called to as a God but rather just an entity, mostly due to his past of slaughtering his worshipers after awakening into a physical body, and even more so hates when people dare to worship him in general. He is capable of keeping a level head in nearly every situation he finds himself in, and is willing to consume himself to empower himself in his strange looping power of self faith.


If he's not using any of the other weapons they sorta just float around him.

Name Desciption Damage Cooldown
Weapon Switch (Q) Melonus switches between his Estoc, Washing Pole, and his Four Pronged Plow, he loses any buffs he had beforehand when switching. None 10 seconds
Self Consumption


Melonus consumes his left arm, greatly damaging himself while boosting his own attack greaty for 20 seconds, his left arm will proceed to lose parts until it completely falls off, which will grant him a enormous attack boost after consuming the remains, but causing him to not be able to use any moves/crippling weapons that requires his left arm. It will regrow after 30 seconds.

50/50/50: Upon using his Z, Melonus will transform into his Purity transformation, while giving his attacks energy slashes that deals 1/4ths of his current damage.

30%-250% damage buff

40 seconds


If he is missing his left arm, he will be unable to use his E.

Name Description Damage Cooldown
(LMB) Sends off a barrage of stabs for low damage. 50 (x6) 5 seconds
Turtle Formation (E) Melonus constructs a brown shield for his left arm for 50 seconds, press E again to block and mitigates 30% damage while increasing HP regen, every time Melonus presses E again he will perform a shield bash for low damage but high knockback. Buff

100 (Shield)

20 seconds
PLEASE HIT ME. (R) Melonus assumes a parry formation, where the next time he hits he will immediately react with multiple brown AoE explosions for medium damage with a singular slash for double the amount of damage he would have received.

150 (per explosion)

2x Damage Taken (Slash)

10 seconds
Faith Sign; Dark Moon (F) Melonus enhances his body with faith, giving himself 20% mitigation, decreasing his cooldowns, while increasing his damage considerably, and increasing his overall attack speed for 30 seconds, while giving his Estoc a dark purple glow. 50% damage buff 35 seconds

Washing Pole

If he is missing his left arm, his attacks deal 30% less damage.

Name Description Damage Cooldown
(LMB) Melonus performs diagonal slashes for medium damage, and swings the sword guard for low damage but high lifesteal. 200 (Sword)

100 (Guard)

1 second
(E) Preforms a single long ranged stab with the Washing Pole while firing off three green energy orbs, dealing high damage to enemies hit by the katana and does low damage per energy orb.

350 (Katana)

150 (Orbs)

3 seconds
Weapon Art; Tricky Dooter (R) Melonus sheathes his Washing Pole, and gets into a defense stance, pressing R again will cause him to dash forwards with a multitude of energy slashes following behind him for low damage with his final attack being a spin slash for high damage which will heal him if he hits, however pressing E will cause him to parry the opponent if he hits them with the slash, he will heal 50% of his max HP and perform multiple slashes with a quick AoE explosion around him with high knockback.

150 (x10), 500 (Katana)

200 HP heal

150 (Parry, x12)

25 seconds
Faith Sign; Pyromancy (F) Melonus enhances his Washing Pole, each slash from his attacks releasing fire slashes for medium damage and DoT, with a speed boost, while increasing his sword damage greatly with a fire asthetic on his katana for 30 seconds.

200 (Fire), 100 (DoT), Buff

x1.5 damage buff (Katana)

45 seconds

Four Pronged Plow

If he is missing his left arm, his attacks deal 30% less daamge.

Name Description Damage Cooldown
(LMB) Performs three long ranged stabs with his plow for low damage. 150 (x3) 3 seconds
(E) Melonus shields himself, if an attack hits him he immediately dodges while creating afterimages, and charges at the enemy, stabbing his plow multiple times for high damage. 300 (x4) 8 seconds
Consumer Sign; Deity's Protection (R) Melonus spins his plow infront of him, summoning his other two weapons which float around him, causing Melonus to be unable to switch between his weapons but will gain and increased health buff, along with 65% mitigation, while giving himself a white glow for 20 seconds.


(+300 HP)

40 seconds
Faith Sign; Indescribable Strength (F) Melonus hits the plow to the ground, creating multiple magic circles around him, which then implode onto him into large AoE explosions, dealing high damage while stunning opponents and buffing allies' damage by 20% for 10 seconds, while damaging himself for 30% of his current HP.


60 seconds

Upgrades and etc.

Requirement to unlock: Defeat and purchase Melonus or have the creator just spoon feed you it. /shrug


  • Increase Melonus' base health.
  • Decrease Melonus' cooldowns.
  • Increase Melonus' base damage/Self Consumption (Z) damage buff.

His actual Strengths/Weaknesses:


  • Self Consumption
  • High HP
  • Multiple Movesets


  • Self Comsumption
  • Low Range
  • Low Speed

50/50/50: Melonus gains the ability to use Hisouten, while giving him a brown energy field around him that does medium damage (200) while healing himself by 50 HP.

Name Desciption Damage Cooldown
Hisouten (Y) Melonus stabs his weapons in a triangle formation around him, making him idle, Melonus gives himself 65% mitigation, while removing any other buff he had beforehand, Melonus then punches the ground, causing high damage earthquakes at random areas around him, medium damaging lightning strikes, and low damaging winds with knockback, Melonus then finishes by quickly retracting his weapons back at himself causing a large high damaging AoE with high knockback but greatly damaging himself for 65% of his max HP, however Melonus will get a minor permanent HP boost. 500 (Earthquakes)

250 (Lightning)

50 (Winds)

800 (Combustion)

+20 HP

70 seconds


  • Most of his abilities are Dark Souls 3 inspired.
  • His Y attack is based off of Touhou Hitsouten (Scarlet Perception Heaven) ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

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