Mejazo is an OC based off the user called Jowzie.


Overseer package arms, polar bear legs, circuit breaker torso, doge head with blue swoosh hair and the Justice of the Theif hood.


Keys Description DMG CLD
LMB Throws a heavy punch.(40 lifesteal) 300 3
E Throws a large weight that has slight knockback. 150 10
R Stomp launching fire around him doing damage over time. 35 13
F Drops 6 smaller weights that damage enemies when they touch them. 50 per weight 20
Passive Becomes invincible every 10 seconds for 3 seconds. 0 10


  • Increases health.
  • Increases all damage.
  • Increases R range.


Likes to throw and smash things with other heavy things.


Before Jow joined a dark society she was a scientists and she liked dogs and robots. So she created Mejazo.

Mejazo had high intelligence and learned about working out. After 10 years of working out and being abandonded by Jow he figured out working out doesnt work for him because of his mechanical parts and decided to use the weights as weapons.


  • Wishes to be loved and cared for.

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