Masochist Storm is a OC for Devil Beater.


Masochist has a sword that can named "Telamonster: the Chaos Edge", he have a Lava Armour, he has a hair that have lava on it and he also have Nickname that called "Stormy".


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB He attacked the Enemy with his Sword and when the Enemy is catch on Fire. 15 (Normal)

23 (15/15/15)

29 (50/50/50)

1 second
E He shoots Fire balls with his hand or his Sword. 9 (Normal)

23 (15/15/15)

40 (50/50/50)

0.4 seconds
R He dashed attacked with his Sword and the Enemy is catch on Fire. 20 (Normal)

30 (15/15/15)

40 (50/50/50)

0.6 seconds
F He put on his Helmet against the battle. (Upgraded Moves are not allowed) None 1.0 seconds

Battle Helmet Moves

Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB He fires a Cannon when Stormy point his Sword to the Enemy. 29 (Normal)

41 (15/15/15)

0.1 second
E He removed his arms and turn around back of the side to shoots some Enemys. 23 (Normal)

53 (15/15/15)

4 seconds
R He summoned his Eagle and his Eagle attacked the Enemys. 32 (Normal)

60 (15/15/15)

0.8 seconds
F He choked Enemy when he Stabbed the Enemy in the neck and he take off his Helmet. 50 (Normal)

63 (15/15/15)

1.1 seconds

Upgraded Moves

Key Description Damage Cooldown
RMB He burned Enemys with his Lava Gun. 55 (15/15/15)

67 (50/50/50)

1.6 seconds
O He shoots Storm balls with his hand to the Enemy. 23 (15/15/15)

34 (50/50/50)

6 seconds
N When he using his Sword, he will spin and killed the Enemy. 54 (15/15/15)

59 (50/50/50)

8 seconds
H He healed Players but Killed Enemys with his Heal and Killed Launcher. 43 (15/15/15)

49 (50/50/50)

1.4 seconds


- Increase Storm balls

- Increase damage

- Increase when getting Players healed, getting healed from yourself


  • Stormy is a second character thats not have Boris's insane cringy character First being Keno Narukami.