mark vakes is a db oc despite practically being ripped off out of

inazuma eleven.


None yet


Mark is a guy who never gives up and always trains to be the best. Thats it basically???


LMB Fireball Knuckle Punch infront of you which applies FIRE dot to enemies. Has a 25% chance to block a projectile. 25 DOT per 5 seconds. 2 secs
E Blazing Knuckle Punch infront of you a bunch of times, all of the punches have a 25% chance to block a projectile. 25 per punch. 10 seconds
R God Hand After a 2 sec delay, summon a huge orange hand infront of you for 5 seconds that has a 50% chance to block all projectiles and send them back to the enemy. 100 Per projectile 25 seconds
F Majin the hand After a 5 second delay, summon a weird looking creature on top of you which puts its hand infront of you. The hand has a 99% chance of blocking all projectiles for 5 seconds and regenerating 5% HP back for each projectile blocked. No damage,High regeneration 1 minute.


  • I dont even know what this is
  • This is litearlly a ripoff from a character in inazuma eleven