Mari Belfor is a fan made character for Meat Beater, she will never be added in and god for fuck if anyone does enjoy using ROBLOX meshes as weapons.


Mari Belfor is a young woman who is 24 years old with red hair, donning a red jacket with a checkered undershirt with a red tie and a skull, along with black jeans. She carries her weapon, Apprehension, a red and black long sword infused with black and red energy, and her ancestral spirit, Suze, who wields Jenezar, a spiritual red and black energy halberd.

She also has a Soviet Speedo and a Soviet bikini top when she triggers her normal F ability.


"I've always wanted to become like my mother, and my ancestors before me...However, it doesn't seem to be working out, even with the help of one of my said ancestors...I suppose I could push to become better than I am now."


Mari was born from a long line of swordsmen and women who traveled the world seeking battle. Being the third female to be born in her entire bloodline. Her family was consisted of her mother, a battle hardened woman who taught swordplay as a part time hobby, along with being a personal bodyguard to people, and her father, an office worker who makes up his lack in physical strength with smarts and an undying determination to support his family in the most safest, legal way possible. Mari was often expected to achieve great feats be it in studies or the battlefield, however this fact had caused great stress during her childhood. She wasn't as brave as her mother had been in her early years, or as proud and smart as her father had been. Leading to a apprehensive personality, and constant bullying in her childhood.

When Mari was only eight years old, she had disappeared one day without a single trace, waking up into a lush, blooming field of grass, trees, and wildlife, and a small statue of a warrior facing against an unknown evil. A spirit had appeared before her, giving off a gentle, yet highly dangerous presence. Mari had cowered in fear until the spirit spoke, "Is that really a way to greet your ancestor?" Mari, looking at the statue again, realized what who this spirit possibly was, "W-well..." Mari began, "W-who are y-you in this st-tatue?" the spirit casually pointed at the warrior, and then replied, "My name is Suze, Suze Livere, and the very ground you stand on right now used to be covered in the blood and guts of thousands of innocent and non innocent lives of both humans and non humans. I know it may be an odd comparison, as well as graphic for an innocent mind like yours, but you have to face the facts sometimes you know?" Mari looked at the monster that her ancestor was fighting in the statue, "W-what kind of it?" Suze shook her head, "I wish I knew myself, it was a beast that supposedly had a constant increasing power the more and more lives it had ate. It killed humans and it's own kind without any form of care, a strange form of equality, really. Though, this statue may show that I was struggling, I really didn't until the end, where it had gained a suddenly massive surge. Though I was spared the moment that this beast here had realized what was going on. Strange. That even a monster like that could have some form of humanity still in it." Mari looked at the statue once more, before asking, "So...w-why am I here?" Suze looked at her, almost shocked at that question even being asked, "To train you, obviously, I was a warrior who wanted to seek strong foes who were willing to fight me. Say, when was the last time that you had wielded a sword, or any form of weapon?" Mari fiddled around, "W-well, I haven't y-yet...Mom was a teacher f-for swordplay, I was a-about to learn but..." Suze sighed deeply, "The years had surely worn down this proud bloodline, the earliest I could remember wielding a weapon was a dagger, when I was but a mere infant!" Suze proclaimed proudly as Mari looked at her in mild disbelief, "Though its best that way due to recent changes into this world's society. Very well then, let us begin your!"

Mari had trained with Suze for the next decade, trying her best to out best Suze in any form possible, within barely even three months, Mari had gained a set of abilities that her family was capable of doing for generations, first was the simple manifestation of a weapon, the second was the ability was to allow their weapons and eventually the person themselves to channel energy to perform certain abilities, and the last ability was to siphon certain emotions or feelings into raw power to use. Mari would then name her weapon Apprehension, as it had also siphoned that part of her emotions, as well as her negative emotions into power, allowing her to perform defensive abilities to an exponential scale. One day during her training, Suze had thought of something, "Hey, since you're all mish mash willy woppy defensive style, wouldn't it be a good option to possess you to fill in that missing piece of offense?" Mari thought about it, "B-but then people would think I'm being h-haunted by some ghost..." Suze scoffed it off, "Then pass me off as a alternate persona-you know, another personality! That, and you are technically haunted by a ghost, but the good kind!" Mari eventually agreed that once her training was completed, that they would travel the world together to become stronger. Eventually the training was completed, and Mari's first step into the new world was to notify her parents of what had happened and what she will do now, when she had returned to her old home, and explained the situation to her parents, she had met with little opposition on her choice as her mother had thought a situation like hers would happened. Though her father on the other hand was worried, not only for her safety but as well as her education, Mari had then promised that while she travels, she will learn as much as she can of all subjects, and many other promises to ease her father's mind of her suddenly return and departure.

During her travels Mari had done exactly as to what she had promised, her intellect surpassed the average person and even natural born geniuses, while increasing her strength by the day, much to the surprise of Suze, who didn't expect her to hold up all of her promises. One day, during their travels Mari suddenly appeared before Mari, at first believing him to be a creepy stalker, dismissed him almost immediately. Though the two would later meet each other again, later becoming close friends, Mari and Suze had learned that Sonotia was the karmic beast that was fought many years before, though Mari never told Sonotia that her "persona" was the spirit of the person who had defeated Sonotia, under Suze's request. Mari would later join Xeiron through Sonotia, and works as a lab assistant and sometimes performing her own experiments to further the goals of Xeiron.


Mari herself is a mildly weak person, often giving into requests if pressured enough. However only in combat she shows her ideal state of herself, becoming a person who is fearless and a determination that rivals heroes of yoreg. She enjoys making food for Sonotia in specific, often trying new recipes and styles in an attempt to try to state his hunger even by a little despite the need for karmic energy.

Suze, being a hero of yore, is almost if not nearly a carbon copy of what a hero would be. She is often pushy with Mari, often giving her tips and advice during battle, and every now and then training her whenever no one is around. Though even then she greatly cares for her great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great granddaughter, often helping her and learning from her on cooking whenever she prepares something for Sonotia.


Suze's Jenezar was the crude looking weapon that she had wielded to torment Sonotia during the time she was alive. The halberd itself functions as a form of an enhanced form of Mari's Apprehension, somewhat balancing out her high amounts of defensive power for more strength. Many years ago the weapon once siphoned Suze's seemingly infinite lust for battle, allowing her usage of the weapon's full potential for as long as she pleased. However the weapon now siphons through Mari's negative emotions, still bringing a good portion of its strength to light but uses up her emotions at such a rate to where the weapon would be forced to siphon something else.


Mari has a red and black bar displaying her 'Apprehension' level, 250 at 0, 500 at 15, and 2000 at 50. Many attacks use up her Apprehension, each usage of any attacks that require Apprehension would cause it to take 10 seconds before recharging again, any attacks that use Apprehension when her Apprehension level is at 0 will cause her to take damage instead.


Name Description Damage Cooldown
Conversion (Q) Mari releases and converts excess energy into raw power, giving herself 15% damage mitigation, while moderately increasing her attack, and decreases her walkspeed for 20 seconds. Uses up 50 Apprehension.


-4 walkspeed

30 seconds

Swings Apprehension, while shooting out a red energy ball, her energy ball does low damage, while the sword does medium damage, each hit will release a small AoE that heals her and allies

50 (Energy)

250 (Sword)

+50 HP heal

1 second
Apprehension Overlord (E)

Mari converts her built up emotions to create a protective energy orb around her, mitigating damage (5% base, 50% maximum) and temporarily increasing her maximum health (25 base, 250 maximum). Uses 10 Apprehension per second.

Buff 15 seconds (After deactivation)

Mari creates a large red AoE that turns the ground around her that deals constant, low damage, while lowering the speed of enemies and healing herself and nearby allies for 15 seconds. Uses 50 Apprehension

50 per second/Buff

+5 HP heal per second

10 seconds
"I'm only doing this to help!" (F)

Mari releases a constant flow of energy, increasing her attack, while increasing her and all allies around her's hp regeneration for 30 seconds, and she replaces her clothes into the soviet bikini/speedo. Quickens Apprehension regeneration.

Buff 40 seconds
Possession (Z)

Mari forces Suze to possess her, her HP and Apprehension will be drained drastically for five seconds, eventually creating a mass healing wave for ten seconds as she transforms into Suze

20 HP per second (wave)

Amanozako (V) Exclusive ability. Mari focuses her energy into her mouth, limiting her to only using his LMB which is now just her biting at opponents for high damge. Gaining constant permanent stat boosts each successful hit with 40% mitigation for fifteen seconds 500

+5 HP and damage, and +0.5 walkspeed per hit

90 seconds

Venve Jenezar/Suze

Her face also changes to the Blue Trusting Smile instead of that make shift blush thing.

Apprehension regen is 15 seconds instead of 10 seconds to begin the recharge.

Name Description Damage Cooldown
Devastator Release (Q) Suze releases excess amounts of energy around her, having her mitigation from her E weakened by 15% but mildly increasing her damage, and walkspeed for 20 seconds. Uses 100 Apprehension.


30% damage increase

+15 walkspeed

30 seconds
(LMB) Suze swings her halberd for high damage with lifesteal, while releasing a medium range energy slash for low damage. 300, 50 HP lifesteal

100 (Energy)

5 seconds
Ancestral Protection (E) Suze creates a magic circle around her, increasing her HP regen, and providing 35% mitigation to herself. Uses 25 Apprehension per second. Buff

20 HP heal (Allies)

15 seconds (After deactivation)
(R) Suze summons five magic circles in front of her, she can place a total of five sets on the ground, when pressing R again she will release large energy blasts from the circles, dealing medium damage with small knockback and lifesteal. 250, 10 HP lifesteal 15 seconds (After pressing R again)
Annihilation (F) Suze begins to take an excessive amount of energy within her, after five seconds of charging, she will release a large explosion for high damage, while granting herself 30% mitigation (stacks with normal mitigation), and increasing the size and damage of her attacks for 25 seconds, after the time, Suze will lose 95% of her total HP, with 5 seconds of recovering. Buff

100% damage

x2 size

45 seconds
Warrior Spirit's Might (Z) Suze compacts her energy, releasing multiple red energy waves healing allies, and herself. While buffing her damage and HP regen greatly for 10 seconds. With a 1/18th chance of forcing herself back to Mari. Uses 70 Apprehension

50% damage increase

35 seconds

How to Obtain/Upgrades

How to obtain: Purchase Mari or defeat Mari and Sonotia in act trigger


  • Decrease cooldowns
  • Moderately increase Base Damage/Health
  • Increase the strength of 'Apprehension Overlord'/Mari's Apprehension Level

50/50/50: Mari gains the ability to use Hyouibana, only usable in her base form, while giving herself a black energy field around her that does low damage (100) while healing herself and allies touching the field 20 HP per second.

Name Description Damage Cooldown
Hyouibana (Y)

Mari creates an energy puppet of Suze, who flies to the nearest enemy and attacks with high damage, Mari loses the ability to switch to Suze as she fires large red outlined black energy balls in front of her from her arm for medium damage and knockback, she finishes by performing a parry stance, if the enemy physically touches her she will immediately react by performing a medium damaging slash while releasing multiple, extremely large energy balls for low damage while gaining a quick forcefield, Mari will get a small permanent damage boost if she performs her counter.

350 (Suze)

200 (Energy)

250 (Sword)

100 (Parry)

+30 damage

75 seconds


Sonotia Aliver

Mari cares about Sonotia greatly, she respects him as he is trying to reverse his sins of the past with his end goal becoming as close as a human as possible in order to know how those he had killed felt as much as possible. Her feelings go slightly beyond a normal close friendship, though Sonotia fails to notice. Every now and then the two would have mild fights with each other due to Sonotia's inexperience in emotions, leading to wrong conclusions and advice most of the time. Though even then, she sometimes becomes wary of Sonotia due to most of her childhood being raised on the fact that Sonotia was a karmic beast who had killed everything that he encountered without care.

Suze respects Sonotia, impressed by his progress from his old destructive self to his current, calm, rational, and intelligent personality. She often secretly watches over Sonotia while Mari sleeps due to the fact that his unnatural power might form again randomly. Though whenever she takes over Mari's body, she is just about as friendly to Sonotia as Mari is, thought she often berates him due to his denseness being on par to the thickest of forests. Although, for some reason she hides the fact that she was the warrior who had defeated Sonotia many years before, possibly due to fear that he might come to hate Mari.


  • Originally was a joke of a more submissive Emily from Chillyxerochill, somehow ended up to this.
  • Her Y attack is based off of Touhou Hyouibana (Flowers of Possession) ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers

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