Majar Ramio, the Butcher

Majar Ramio is the co-founder and Vice-President of The Company, an infamous business. He is the brother of Ramar Jamio. He's the tank of the two brothers and can withstand lots of hits.


Majar Ramio has a long, green hair and manly beard (like his brother). He dons a butcher outfit.


Majar is normally a very calm and comprehensive person, listening to everyone’s oppinions and caring about people’s lives and their possessions more than anything else. He’s very prestative and is willing to do almost any job. However, he can be very cruel to his enemies, as he once brutally stabbed someone that tried to take over The Company. He also tends to say "Yea, like totally" a lot.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
Q Spins his cool butcher knives. None 10 seconds
Passive Every second, his butcher knife will get stronger, capped at 32 seconds. It will take that time to get the 100% bonus. There are NO interfaces for this.

Maximum Bonus: 500.

None None
LMB Swings with his butcher knife. Deals small damage. Small cooldown. 200 + passive. 1 second.
E Eats raw meat. Large cooldown. Buff (5 speed, +200 HP and full heal. Effect last for 10 seconds.) 25 seconds.
R Gets his extra butcher knife and stabs the enemy two times (both slashes) + slow for 2 seconds. Medium cooldown. 300 damage + passive. 9 seconds
F Majar goes rampage and slashes with his butcher knife 25 times in front of him dealing small damage each. Does then a large blow that does high damage. Large cooldown. Slash: 25

Large Blow: 500 + passive.

45 seconds.


1: Increases his skill.

Note: Increases base damage by 10 per sp.

2: Increases R buff.

Note: +20 HP and +0,25 speed per point.

3: Increases sharpness.

Note: Increases maximum damage cap on passive (+9 per sp) and LMB.

50/50/50 Bonus: Passive now takes 20 seconds to reach maximum cap.


Majar was born in a small village. He was rised with his brother, Ramar Jamio and three step-brothers. His life was simple, and there were entire days they didnt eat. His family was very poor, and they had difficulties. Majar only entered school at 6 years old, when his father got a promotion on his job. However, his brother, Ramar, went to another country: he had won a scholarship. Ramar tried hard, hard, but was one of the worst students on his class, only better than the worst students on the school. He was what you could call a ‘nerd’, except his grades were absolutely bad. At age of 10, he quit school due to financial difficulties and started to help his father by working on a butchery. This job would set his life.

Now, over than 20 years later, he is 32. He works for his brother at The Company. He helps his brother with financial and disciplinary stuff.


  • He is based of JamarMario's previous normal outfit.