Machi has pink hair, and where's a Japanese robe.

Move set

Key Name Info Cooldown Power
Passive Quick Needle The user heals him/herself with a needle, happens once every 10 seconds, regains 50 HP. 10 N/A
Left Click Nen Needle The user throws a needle at the foe. N/A 100
E Quick Neelde (support version) The user heals all allies with a needle, everyone besides the user gets 100 hp back. 10 N/A
R Power Needle The user throws a bigger needle, that loops around the foe 20 times, each time does 10 more damage. 5 90
F Healer The user heals all allies around him/her, heals them to full heath, and the user takes no damage for 10 seconds. 30 N/A


Machi has always wanted to be a doctor, she did however, where she worked, she was treated terribly. Under payment, having to stay up 24/7 with no coffee, none of the right equipment, yet, she loved. She soon after being a doctor became well known, when she was offered to join a better hospital, she was then betrayed, the manger said: "You either leave and die, or stay here". She didn't take the threat, but soon, she was shot dead. Thankfully, the boss of the Spider's found her body, toke it to the base, and revived her. She became a member, and the doctor of the group. She was much more happy with this.


Decreases cooldowns

Raises HP

Raises Passive's regen.


Unlike the other spiders, instead of giving her a crappy character picture, I wont until' I found out how to do another way. If you are willing to help with her design, please, go ahead, just comment me the link and I'll see If I like it.

She is the most liked Spider member, and Kiddo always hits on her. Which, Kiddo loses skin every time he does.