Love Deluxe wears the Flame of Stratus suit. He also wears a top hat, along with heart themed headphones and a bandana. His eyes are also heart shaped. His weapon is a whip with a heart on it’s handle.


Keys Name Description DMG CLD
LMB N/A Love Deluxe swings his whip. Minor lifesteal but high attack speed. Hitting an ally will also make them go faster for 1 second. Enemies hit will get slowed. 50



E N/A Love Deluxe extends his whip. Enemies caught in the whip will be dragged to Love Deluxe. 100 6s
R N/A Love Deluxe removes the heart from his whip, and throws it towards the player’s cursor. The heart explodes a pink gas cloud that damages/slows enemies and heals allies in it. 85

Heal: 10

F N/A Love Deluxe extends his whip. Hitting and ally will transfer all of Love Deluxe’s pain to his ally to buff their damage and HP regen depending on how much pain Love Deluxe has. If Love Deluxe hits an enemy, they will take major damage depending on how much pain Love Deluxe has. 50 to 500 20s
Passive N/A Love Deluxe has a pain meter which builds up the more damage he takes. The higher pain, the more damage and HP regen he gets. 0 Passive


  • Increase Health
  • Increase Pain Meter
  • Increase Damage


  • Love Deluxe was originally going to be added in until suddenly realizing that this character would’ve been a bit too much for ROBLOX. 10 Year Sir Venon was added instead.
  • Love Deluxe’s name is a reference to a stand from the manga/anime, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.
  • Love Deluxe used to have a different appearance until it was changed.
  • Love Deluxe originally used a Cat o’ nine tails, but was changed to just a normal whip.