Lost Deity Angelo is based off of the DB Mafioso, AlexiosZ.


Move Description Damage Cooldown
Q Q: Angelo sighs, calling his sword as big as the Last Resort from MML. (So, pretty small and bright ironically.) N/A N/A
L-Click Angelo does a spin slash, dealing medium knockback and damage. 55 0.5 seconds
E Angelo calls forth a spirit that is shaped like him, dashing forward for high knockback and low damage. 35 5.0 seconds
R Angelo calls his healing orbs (Just like his normal self.), but instead, they shoot forward, healing allies, and deal high damage and low knockback per orb to enemies 15 damage per orb on enemy, 15 on heal. 30.0 seconds
F Angelo releases all his energy, causing his sword to glow brightly, healing allies around him by 30% of their max HP, and he can do double the knockback while his sword glows brightly (Lasts 20 seconds.) N/A 55.5 seconds
Passive Angelo looks at his blade occasionally, gaining a bit of confidence, increasing speed by 2.5 every 30 seconds he’s alive. N/A N/A


Angelo is wearing his same hood, snake eyes, and still has his blonde hair. He looks somewhat more scared and lost than his original skeptical appearance. He isn't retarded at all now either. He is wearing an unzipped yellow jacket and black pants with white shoes (PRACTICALLY THE POCKET DIMENSION PANTS.) He also is wearing mechanical wings that he created to try and fly again when he used to be an angel from heaven. (Literally.)


After the defeat of the whole Alliance while fighting the Cartel member, Ares Nichiko, Angelo was seperated from Lucifer in a way of fear to lose his sanity. Oddly enough, Ares spared him because he did not want him to be killed, he only wanted the blood of Lucifer. Angelo realized that the reason why he was spared was to find the true light of the era, killing Akuma alone. Only problem is, he is literally and figuratively lost on where to start since all the Alliance is dead, so is Dane Gang, and so are the Interns. The only people he can rely on are D-Force, Team Different Dimensions, Lucifer if he ever gains sanity, the Keido Corp (Hopefully.), and extras who are solo as of now.


  • He is based off of the Tier 1 Boss, Yenti, from Mow My Lawn.
  • Instead of being an asshole, he's actually serious and completely emotional now.
  • He is from the same era of Chaos Lucifer and Ares winning.
  • Once Ares spared him, this is the moment he knew he had to eventually get back at Ares for corrupting Lucifer, killing December, and killing the Alliance.

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