Logan Rinquillo is based of the user LogansAlt77 and is an OC for Devil beater

(Enjoy what you see :^) )


Logan is a spanish adolescent who wears a ROBLOX Jacket with black jeans.He has the next level headphones,the next level visor with the silly fun face and the Southwest Fedora.He secretly has a weapon which isn't shown in his picture.


Key Official Description DMG CLD
LMB Logan swings his Salt Shaker like a bat. 77 1s
E Logan's salt shaker flies into the sky which grows into a big size and turns upside down,after a period of time a rain of salt happens above the player for 10 seconds. 90

(per salt grain)

17s (after salt rain stops)
R Logan slams his salt shaker onto the ground with his left hand. 150 20s
F The player goes in a position like a sprinkler,and then after a few moments,alot of salt flies out off the salt shaker which is bigger than the salt shaker itself.It acts like a giant beam which is mouse-directed to the enemy. 300



Upgraded only moves

X Logan forms a giant flat circle in the sky,it rains salty people (10) from the circle.The salty people attack the enemy in a SALTY way with their weapons.They are like Rinquillo's minions.The minions last for 20 seconds.


G The player turns angry red,after turning angry the player forms a ginormous salt can from the sky.After it forms it pours alot of salt spheres on the ground in every direction.After 6 seconds of salt pouring,the the salt spheres turn into puddles which can damage and stun the enemy for a certain period of time.

The stun lasts for 2.5 seconds.







(after it finishes)


  • Increase speed (by 0.5)
  • Increase health (by 2)
  • Decrease all cooldowns (by 0.26)


At the beginning rinquillo made a corporation called Kaj Corp ©.It gained huge success over time while hiring other people to defend all factories the corporation has made.Rinquillo balances everything in the corporation with a little help of two brothers which are rich as hell.It has spread over the world with high quality salt made by the corporation with their factories.But now his factories are being attacked by a group/gang of people who is enemies with.After encounter he fought him and nearly died and escaped before they could realize.But before the assassination attempts Rinquillo gave money to the ones who helped him.


  • His last name came from combination of 2 towns in the area the owner is living in which are: Rincon,Luquillo ,which is also the owner's favorite.
  • Hes literally a SELF INSERT.
  • His pose is a reference to the water sprinkler dance,a specific segment of it.