Leonidas is an OC by BlocksForLife6085. He probably

wont get bought in, seeing as idk how :( .

He wears Equinox Hair, a Starlight Order Uniform, and NWU Bottoms.

Leonidas Blockton
Button Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB CHARGE!!!/Pointy Precision (Spear) Leo rushes at his opponent for medium damage.(Bow) Leo fires a mouse-following shot for low damage. (Spear)




(Spear) 5 seconds

(Bow) 0.5 seconds

E Stragetic Change Leo switches between his spear and bow. None 5 seconds
R TAKE THIS!!!/ Firey Shots (Spear) Leo throws his spear for high damage.(Bow) Leo fires three flaming arrows in front of him for medium damage. (Spear)




(Spear) 10 seconds

(Bow) 5 seconds

F THIS.. IS... SPARTA!!!! Leo throws away his current weapon and screams at the top of his lungs,"THIS IS SPARTA", while kicking in front of him. This attack does outrageous damage if it hits, if not, Leo loses a quarter of his health(not perma). 1500 30


G Defense is Offense (Spear only) Leo smacks his opponent with his shield for medium damage and a little bit of lifesteal. 100(+75 health) 15 seconds


  • Increase the damage of Leo's bow.
  • Decrease Leo's spear cooldowns.
  • Increase Leo's speed.


Leonidas is very quiet and only talks when necessary. This is ironic because he is based off of a very volatile and stubborn movie character.


  • None known of.


  • Leonidas is based off of King Leonidas from 300
  • His theme is also from the 300