Lenir Is the what is a dancer

Why should i list anything, you can see right there \/ what she looks

like you fatty also she's not going into a story arc so personality will just be a downright ass and then die before the act is even over and you wont even get her it will just be "yay she's dead never to appear again" which makes sense considering leniruo is fricking dumb and has nerf all over and even metal bits poking out

REWORKED moveset (the old one is bad)

Key Attack (gun) Sword Dmg Cooldown
LMB Shoot a gun, it hurts right? Slash (everything has the same dmg and cooldown but its melee i guess) 100 1 second
RMB Throw a gun, it bonks a head and does dmg i guess Throw a knife, headshots still do the same dmg, it stuns the opponent 200 3 seconds
E Shoot a gun at some person, it heals for some reason throw a healing grenade, dealing AOE healing 50 (heal) obviously 0.25 seconds
R say "ITS NERF OR ITS NOTHING" And throw nerf guns at everyone, granting them a new move for Z Throw portable knives at people, it unlocks a new attack for X which you can use close up, its still trash 25 dmg though 25 per bullet shot from these nerf guns none because obviously you have unlimited
T (why is this before F? idk) shoot your head, forever sapping HP from your life bar until you die all the while saying "ITS NERF OR ITS NOTHING" on repeat with no cooldown Stab your head, doing the exact same thing but saying "Die" (from cdi ganon) until you die with no cooldown 0
F I dunno, throw your gun and swap it for something i dont know, maybe a sword that switches your moveset until you press F again, boosts your max HP from initial to quadruple hp Stab yourself with the knife, dividing your max hp by four to your initial hp, also granting back gun form 0 10 seconds
Z stab yourself in the arm, shoot your legs and then try to survive, because your hp is now set to 1 until you die but it quadruples dmg i guess also your speed is slowed to 8 because you SHOT YOURSELF WTF WHY WOULD YOU why until you die

People Getting her for free

That person who bought her in (if someone ever will)

whos door knob i only know Cinnyamon


the Memes known as Tsuranuita and iiKingRobux





qu240103 (thats how you spell it right?)

drager980 (ofc)

Cinnyamon and the buyer also get a decamenu to give out (her) for free


rexrayle and iiTsukiko




INCREASE HP EVEN MOAR (HP becomes 180 at 15/15/15 and 400 at 50/50/50)

lower cooldowns (5% at 15/15/15 20% at 50/50/50)


Primo thought hey what a great day and changed rusenfir to Languid Lottery

it was bad and he immedietly changed it back

leave criticism