Lenir Is the Third member of dancers and the Agni/Strom Element


Basically Robo waifu but with a different suit if you remembered that OC, also the only Human member of Dancers


Key Move DMG Cooldown
Passive Every 5 seconds scream out a random hatsune miku song your ears
LMB Swing your midas Glove for smol dmg

Every third strike send out your stand, hermit purple grappling the nearest humanoid and brining it towards you

200 dmg

10 (Hermit)

1 second
E Turn into a literal glass cannon shooting out GLASS,Lasts until you press E again

Spamming Q while the transformation turns your Cannon balls into Purple hamon infused Hermit Purple cannon balls


200 (Hamon)

0.5 sec (Cannon balls) 60 sec (Cannon)
R Throw 3 Midas gloves at the mouse, Turning what it hits into gold, freezing it

If all 3 connect, you will be grappled to the mouse location

300 3 seconds
F Go into a mech, with a chainsaw with does AOE DoT for 10 seconds, though decreasing speed to a snails pace

Prematurely Ending the mech by pressing F again Explodes the Mech in a purple blast dealing massive dmg

50 (per millisecond)

999 (Explosion)

120 seconds
Z Clip through the ground, dieing none

People Getting her for free

That person who bought her in



the Memes known as Tsuranuita and iiKingRobux





qu240103 (thats how you spell it right?)

drager980 (ofc)



INCREASE HP EVEN MOAR (HP becomes 700 at 15/15/15 and 900 at 50/50/50)

lower cooldowns (5% at 15/15/15 20% at 50/50/50)

Animations ---:]

Idle - 4d8afe17ddfb9563eb2b9210b7094c45.gif def the most weirdest

LMB - 953b17a51589a4732b13ecba1544ce20.gif yep

E - e31c5219d7f831e24e39abce37893298.gif

R - a1775f8e5ea7d4cf3ee4ebefd0de6878.gif

F - Remote to summon mech c3bb06775c1b7657138abc5e97c68c3c.gif

F - Mech 533c6a2ded82ce450692e39e2ff0f726.gif

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