Lemmy is an OC for the game Devil Beater. (also yes i know the abilities are extremely long and im sorry about that lol)


Lemmy wears a Helios suit, along with glasses, and a fedora. He also holds a Slurpee at all times.


Attack Description Damage Cooldown
Passive Lemmy has a meter on the bottom right corner of the screen, which shows how much he has drank from his slurpee. The more the bar goes up, the more base damage and speed Lemmy will have. If he reaches above more than 100 however, and he Lemmy will pass out on the ground for 4 seconds. The bar goes up to 100 (unless upgraded). Passive Passive
Left-Click When in range of an enemy, Lemmy will smack them with the Slurpee on their head. 100 0.7 Seconds
E Lemmy drinks from his Slurpee. He heals himself for 10 HP and build up his passive by 25%. 10 HP (Heal)

25% (Passive)

7 Seconds
R Lemmy shakes his Slurpee, and upon 2 seconds, the Slurpee will explode. This does not damage him but damage enemies who were caught in the explosion. 300 12 Seconds
F Lemmy starts running non-stop. If Lemmy hits an enemy, he knocks the enemy up in the air. When the enemy falls down, they make an explosion upon impact. The explosion does damage to anyone near it. 36 Speed (When running)

400 (Impact and explosion)

20 Seconds


Lemmy is almost always hyperactive, and is trouble to be around with. He goes into fights without second thoughts, and it's because his Slurpee is what usually brings him to victory. Where he found the Slurpee or how it was made is a mystery.


  • Increase Lemmy's passive limit.
  • Increase Lemmy's health.
  • Increase Lemmy's base damage.

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