Well, I think this is obvious.

Recently, I theggyer has been getting hated on by most of this community. So I'd think it'd be better for me to just abandon all my projects I had in here. Now I'll give out some notices to some people who have a fault in making me leave.


Now as much as i'll probably get more hate for hating this person, yes he was mainly the reason I am leaving. Partly for shitting on me for many times. The only good thing I can say is he did appeal qu's false ban which was pretty good of him.

Main Outcast community.

Apart from receiving many complaints about acting ''Un-touchable'' I have seen many negative comments on my attitude, due to this I will most likely abandon some projects on here.


Stop saying I gave you a brain tumor for calling you out on what you did, also may I remark you're a fucking slut.


Complaining about something and not giving a logical reason why doesn't make my projects bad.


Now you, probably one of the dumbest out of these. First saying that my projects are much worse than yours when atleast fear arc made somewhat sense unlike ''Ztar arc'' as cringy the name is. Dorizion wasn't even your oc, you had took it from Alexios. And Mr.Squish was never your character and was always mine.

Probably sound like an idiot, but I don't care

Final Remarks:

Although most of this was negative, there WERE some people who were pretty chill. I give them my respect as a reward.

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