Leather Diamond, At first appearance, Is a samus ripoff, But Is actually a Football in a suit.


Leather Diamond without his suit, Is a normal football. However, He can become ironman, Wearing a head, A sAMUS ARM CANNON, and a McCree Arm, With Two feet.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB FOOT Fling yourself into the enemy, Puncturing their body. 88888888 0
E Over the tip fly into the air and explode 900 1
R Spinner Winner show your dance skills to whip people 150 5
F Grounded Ground pound, Causing a hella hard shockwave. 1000 100
Q Mecha-Activation BECOME SAMUS


Fire a beam of lasers, Murdering litteraly everything. 200 100
E BEAMEDICE Freeze yo foes.. 205
R PULSARDNABEAM! Fire beams in multiple a dna pattern. 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 5
F WELCOME TO FLAVORTOWN leather diamond becomes guy fiery and throws lots of sauce and seasoning on you, then sets you on fire and says "WELCOME TO FLAVORTOWN" flavored (9999) 120 seconds


Leather diamond was a fighter for the gods that were against Rubber Projectile, He was a demigod fighting against the projectile, They fought valiantly, But Rubber Projectile got cocky, And used only a quarter of his power to attack him, This caused Leather diamond to get the upper hand, Removing a finger from the Titan, Which caused him to go into a fury, Destroying all nearby structures and people. Leather Diamond's Arm was destroyed in the destruction, Causing him to retreat to the gods, they had armed him with an arm cannon which was used to fire the essence of a deity, Causing his power to be increased, He went back to fight Rubber Projectile, But this time, He was ambushed, And he was crushed under the titan, Being Killed by him, After they killed them, Leather diamond was to of been revived by the gods in the shape of a Diamond, But the only thing they had as of now was leather, So they made him of leather, Which was a football, Sending him to the mortal realm with rubber projectile with only a fragment of memories, Causing him to seek out rubber projectile, and kill him, Hoping for his memories to return, But He needed a Mecha suit that was sent to him whenever he called for it, They used the nearest shoes, His arm cannon, And a Robotic arm to create it, An Exosuit if you will. Leather diamond was sent to the mortal realm shortly after, Being Kicked around in the super bowl, This angered him, So he had Destroyed the entire super bowl without his suit, Then leaving to search for rubber projectile.