Lairos Stratogale is a Stratus member of the Stahlir Foundation (the team that Nevilio is in) and and OC for devoh beeduh.mp4. laeros stratogael iz also an intern replasing 4 kaizo wen he's off somewher.


Lairos wears a Stratus aligned suit, with dark pauldrons and blue long hair, and with glasses that are designed for skydivers (trust me, he was a skydiver before going to this clan.)


Ability Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB - Cloud Orb Lairos fires a cloud orb at your mouse direction dealing "low" damage. 115 0.75 seconds
E - Toxic Trail of Purple Lairos' cape is imbued of mystery, leaving a trail of poisonous gas behind him dealing damage to those who pass through it. 78 each touch 15 seconds
R - Stratus Blanket Lairos emits a powerful cloud around him, blinding everyone to deal damage on enemies and not players. 178 20 seconds
F - Cloaked in Mystery Lairos goes on Storm-Cloud Mode, doubling his power for 12 seconds plus shooting a cherry every 5-7 shots. 241 each cherry 32 seconds


- Increases Lairos' LMB orb size.

- Increases Lairos' stats slightly. (throw balance out the window)

- Increases Lairos' cherry projectile damage (F).

- At 15/15/15, Lairos gains an aura around him, dealing damage to enemies around his area


Lairos was a cool skydiver until Nevilio hired him for the gang. However, he got into prison for that by trying to "make a deal" to Studdton's business corps manager.


- none he's too edgy

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