Kyran Tikki Is a OC Created by Unkown987


Kyran wears the Purple winter scarf, Purple animal hoodie and snake eyes, and different clothing than a standard Haze suit.


Haze Orb LMB Kyran Will shoot a haze orb at the enemy doing medium damage and lifesteal. Cooldown 0.5
Sacrifice E Kyran sacrifices some of his health to get a temporary damage buff. Cooldown 10 seconds
Haze Disc R Kyran throws a disc that deals medium damage and bleeding. Cooldown 20 seconds
The Haze Sword F Kyran obtains a powerful weapon called The Haze Sword increasing Kyrans damage drastically for a while. Cooldown 35 seconds.
Taunt T Kyran taunts. Cooldown ???
Totem Pole G Kyran puts a totem pole on the ground, Making a aura around it healing allies 15/15/15 only.
Haze Throw H Kyran throws a sword, If it hits the enemy it will do massive damage but low lifesteal, 50/50/50 only.
Passive :1 Kyran has purple orbs around him doing minor damage but high lifesteal.


Increase Kyran's health.
Decrease Kyran's cooldowns drastically
Increase the amount of orbs around Kyran.

List of people getting the character.

firehyperking (for being my good friend.) 90/90/90
kaiden10043 (for creating the beautiful waifu Jetaro) 80/80/80
SlendyKalos (also being a good friend) 85/85/85
TheUncommonNoob (completed a quiz with no hints and bonus) 85/85/85
manboyhaxtheworuld (also being a good friend.) 85/85/85
darkkyraki (for making the mugshot thank you very much.) 85/85/85
Spongy_Sponge (for also being another good friend.) 85/85/85

Ways to get on the list.

1: Be a good friend to me. 60/60/60 to 90/90/90
2: Complete a quiz that i may do.


Kyran started out training at a unknown team's base, Kyran was training hard and in the end it payed off, However his unknown comrades thought that he was too powerful and thought he ruined the fun, Kyran was kicked out of the team, But he swore revenge, He trained at a unknown location, Then he returned for his revenge, He destroyed his former comrades in rage, And then he became a part of Team Inferious, his current location is unknown as of now.