Kyran Tikki Is a OC Created by Unkown987

Kyran Tikki's Moveset
Q Kyran Switches to his stand or gun or normal. Cooldown 5 seconds
LMB Kyran Will shoot a haze orb at the enemy doing medium damage and lifesteal. Cooldown 0.5
E Kyran Creates a Corrupted shield that protects allies that are in it Also knocking back enemies. Cooldown 10 seconds
R Kyran fires a large beam of haze and enemies that are hit will take 600 damage and be poisoned. Cooldown 20 seconds
F Kyran obtains a powerful weapon called The Haze Sword increasing Kyrans damage drastically for a while. Cooldown 35 seconds.
T Kyran taunts. Cooldown ???
G Kyran punches the ground causing a quake to happen. Enemies in the quake take high damage.
Kyran's stand moveset.
Lmb Kyran's stand does 10 punches dealing 50 damage per punch. Cooldown 5 seconds.
E Kyran's stand transfers some of its energy to Kyran himself' Permanently increasing his health and damage slightly. Cooldown 15 seconds.
R Kyran ask's his stand to give Kyran a health potion speed potion or haze potion Health potion heals Kyran for 100 health. Speed potion increases Kyran's speed by 5. Haze potion puts Kyran in a haze cloak making him invulnerable but unable to attack. Cooldown 25 seconds.
F Kyran's stand becomes a minion going for enemies while Kyran himself goes back to normal for a while. Cooldown 50 seconds.
Kyran's Gun moveset.
LMB Kyran's gun shoots causing medium damage and minor lifesteal. Cooldown 0.5 seconds.
E Kyran throws his gun like a grenade and erupts into a small pillar stunning enemies And causing high damage. Cooldown 5 seconds.
R Kyran spins shooting bullets in all directions doing low damage per bullet and minor lifesteal. Cooldown 10 seconds.
F Kyran gets a another gun temporaily increasing his damage and lifesteal but taking 50% of his health away. Cooldown 25 seconds.
List of people getting the character.
firehyperking (for being my good friend.) 90/90/90
kaiden10043 (for creating the beautiful waifu Jetaro) 75/75/75
SlendyKalos (also for being a good friend 75/75/75
TheUncommonNoob (completed a quiz with no hints and bonus) 85/85/85
Ways to get on the list.
1: Be a good friend to me. 60/60/60 to 90/90/90
2: Complete a quiz that i may do.

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