Koolaid Queen is another joke OC for Devil Beater. He is based off of Yoshikage Kira's stand, Killer Queen, in JJBA: DIU.


Attack Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Performs a flurry of punches for medium repeated damage. 100 per punch

12 punches

E Fires three slow-moving projectiles that home in on the cursor, each dealing medium aoe damage. 200 direct

75 aoe

R Punches once for low damage. Pressing R again will create an explosion for high damage. 125 punch

300 explosion

Baitsa dasuto! (F) Creates a pillar in your posistion for low repeated damage. If the attack lands, the enemy will be stunned for 2 seconds and will explode afterwards. When the explosion occurs, you restore all your lost HP and are invincible for 3 seconds. 75 per pillar tick

300 explosion



- Increases your movement speed. (+0.46 per upgrade)

- Decreases the cooldown of your F. (-0.26s for every upgrade)

- Increases your HP and damage slightly. (HP = +8.23 from 0 to 15, +6.5 from 16 to 50. DMG = +3.2% from 0 to 15, +1.3% from 16 to 50)

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