Konomi is an OC for Devil Beater.


Konomi is a regular, female guest that wields a stick with 2 hearts on the end. She also does not have the normal smile face; she has a winking face.


Konomi is the newest Guests of Gaul member to enroll. She grew up with a pack of loving wolves but her real parents are unknown. There is no suspect for the mother but due to DNA tests within her coding, it has been found that Invité could potentially be her father. They are still not sure. Invité is not even sure himself.


Konomi is sly and a bit of a prankster. Always making rude remarks subtly with a winking face. For example: Guest 420 misses a shot in bowling and Konomi would possibly say "Great Shot! ;^)". When she is offended, however, she always has the perfect comeback and is not affected by any insult that hits her.



Attack Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None Shoot a heart forward of you. Upon hitting an enemy, the heart will float around their head for a little: slowing the enemy down. 100 1 second.
RMB None Shoot a green heart forward of you. Upon hitting an ally, the heart will heal them while floating around their head. +10 healing per 0.5s 1 second.
E None Cast a heart to float around your head. Each heart adds up to your speed and damage. However, when these hearts disappear, you take a damage penalty. (Max 4 hearts.) Per heart:

+2 speed

+3% damage

3 seconds.
R None Shoot a large, green heart. Heals allies and travels fast. (Can stun enemies on hit) +40 (Healing) 3 seconds.
F None When at 4 hearts, pressing this key will make all of them form one giant heart and shoot rapid, small, green hearts at allies for healing. Shoots red hearts at enemies for damage and knockback. During this time, you are immobile. +10 Healing per Heart

100 Damage per Heart

20 seconds.


  • Decrease cooldown of F.
  • Increase Health.
  • Increase All Buff Effects.


Guest 420, Guest 666

Executives in The Guests of Gaul with both.


Possible dad and both executives in The Guests of Gaul.


Not Much. :Y