Kizuna was made by UltorisTenebrae.


Kizuna is an adolescent female agni user with orange hair and fur. She ressembles a fox-humanoid. She wears a black dress with red accents and a matching peacoat over it. She wields a fiery pair of gauntlets named, Blazefury.


  • Note that every knockback or dash is the same distance to be able to chain.
Key Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB Fists of Fury "Punches with flame bursts for high damage." 200 per punch. 1 Second
Q Molten Uppercut "Punch an opponent into the air while jumping up. Lights them on fire." 100 + 20/ms after 3 Seconds
E Burning Shockwave "Punch the ground below, causing a medium damage, knockback (15 stud knockback), DoT burn shockwave with a 15 stud radius around you. This move will not work until you touch the ground." 100 + 20/ms after 5 Seconds
R Firestorm Rush "Lunge forward (15 stud dash) and lock onto the enemy it hits. Then rapidly punch the enemy (With a Jolyne Kujo "ORA" sound) ending with a kncokback punch for high damage. (15 stud knockback.)" 100 per punch 5 Seconds
F Hell's Inferno "Dash toward the enemy (15 stud dash) and grab them. Kizuna bursts 3 fire bursts before slamming the enemy into the ground, lighting them on fire. The user of this attack remain in midair, while the target is thrown into the ground. (Kizuna takes 50% less damage)" 100 per burst, 200 for the slam, 20/ms (on fire) 7 Seconds
X Vulcan Fist "Kizuna ignites into a ball of fire and dashes toward the enemy punching them them hard enough to cause a knockback explosion. (15 stud knockback.)" 600 8 Seconds
Passive Fire Hopper "Kizuna's bursts of flame allow her to double jump by tapping space twice. (warning the second jump is really high.)" N/A. N/A
Passive 2 Combo breaker "Kizuna has the ability to keep her and her enemy in the air for 2 seconds for midair combos." N/A. N/A


Name Combo
Fiery End LMB x3 + R + E + F
Volcanic Slam E + X + F
Chainburn E + R + X + F + LMB x3
Flare Blitz LMB + F + X
Magma Fist E + X
Soaring Embers Space x2 + E + F (Aerial)
Burning Tsunami Space x2 + Q + E (Aerial-Groundpound)
Ground Zero LMB x2 + Q + F (Aerial-Slam)
Vulcan Impact R + F + Q + X (Aerial Knockback)


-Increase Kizuna's maximum health.

- Slightly Decrease all cooldowns except LMB.

-Increase Kizuna's damage.


Hard to explain.. just, her behaviour is aggressive towards enemies, and kind and sweet to allies.




  • Kizuna is derived from "Kitsune" meaning fox. But is also inspired by Kizuna from TOME by Chris Niosi.
  • Moeru means Blaze in Japanese.
  • Her attacks and weapons are based on Yang from RWBY and Repulse from Black Magic.
  • Kizuna's half-animalistic brawler heritage is based on Makoto Nanaya from BlazBlue
  • The cost is my birthday. 7/7/2002.
  • I guess the only character to have official combos. (steal that idea and I will lynch you, steal your fucking soul, and proceed to hunt down your family.