King of Noobs is an OC. He is the leader of the Noob Gang.


King of Noobs is a noob wearing a golden crown.


Attack Description Damage Cooldown


Slash you sword forward. 15 0.2 seconds
Noob Summon


Summon a noob to fight

for you. Max is 4.

30 0.7 seconds
Sword Throw


Throw your sword at the


50 20 seconds



Become red and ANGERY.

Boosts all stats by x2.

None 50 seconds.
Stone mask! (M) Become a immortal vampire with flying powers for 15 seconds Magic mario Requires HP to be Lower than 30 (then 5)


King of Noobs always speaks in lower case letters and thinks he is the best. Rokyo thinks that he is better than King of Noobs, that is why King of Noobs made him second in command.


King of Noobs used to be an average noob. He bought a golden crown with (REDACTED) and a sword he thought was a toy. He played with the sword but he accidentally killed his brother with it., Later on he found a mask and took it, but only knows how to use one power of it


Slash damage.

Amount of noobs summoned.

ANGERY + Stone mask! time increase.


Nothing to put here yet.

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