woa another thing made by kaiden10043 or something


Kiet has the items of ROBLOX Visor, Purple Spectoloupes, and Jet Black Anime Superstar


- increase damage & attack speed

- increase health & decrease cooldowns

- increase amount of bullets from E


Key Description Damage Cooldown

Fire a Stratus bullet moving slowly to the nearest enemy dealing low damage


5 seconds
E spin around and fire Stratus bullets all around you moving a slow speed dealing low damage each bullet (a total of 16 bullets) 50 each bullet (total of 800 if all bullets hit) 30 seconds
R fire at a rapid speed infront of you locking you inplace for 30 seconds 20 each bullet fired and landed 50 seconds
F throw your gun on the ground and become ​ANGERY​ or something funny (help) increases damage and speed of attacks temporarily 1 minute
T is honestly all I need to describe this taunt or something idk 1 second