Killer Queen is horribly drawn using MS paint. No one can tell what he is, because the picture was so horribly drawn.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
Lmb - poke Killer Queen rips off his left arm, and throws it at the boss. If the arm touches the boss, they explode just like in the anime. After a few seconds, the arm grapples back onto your body. Deals 789 Damage None
E - Rapid punching. Killer Queen's head disappears, but killer queen doesn't care. So he starts doing his rush attack thingo from the anime. Punches deal 10,000 Damage None
R - YoU hAvE nIcEEE HaNdZzZz Killer queen chops the enemy's hand off. 5,000 Damage None
F - MS PAINT! Yogi Koogah appears, and smashes his head on the floor. This triggers Killer Queen's secret ability! MS PAINT! Everyone is teleported into the air. The whole map floats up into the air, and explodes, after this happens Killer Queen turns the whole map transform into a MS paint versoin of the devil beater thumbnail, this causes the boss to stop moving. After 3 seconds, Killer Queen does all of his attacks. After that, he poisons the boss for 5 seconds. But wait, there is more! Killer Queen pulls out a marker, and rewrites the enemy's health to full. Then 1 second later, he rewrites the enemy's health to -1. ...Enough to kill the boss. Until you die.


  • It's a jojo reference
  • MS paint is the best
  • lieks hands
  • better version of killer queen
  • This is actually based off Toby's old avatar for his fandom account.


So one day, Toby was all like "...I need a new fandom avatar", so he made a really good one that was based off a good game. (Not undertale, faggots) But then he said to himself, "YO FUCK THIS ITS HORRIBLE" so he deleted it, and went to MS paint. But for some reason, his drawing pad didn't work!! :O So he went to MS paint, and drew this with a cursor. But then he was all like "Damn...This could make a shitty oc.", so he made it. And now I feel pain and suffering.


  • NEED

ITS A ABOMINATION -Creator of this OC (Toby)

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