Kevin Orlando, the Noob Sorcerer.

Kevin Orlando is part of the main team of the N-Force. He is the summoner of the group and is capable of large summoning feats, such as being capable of summoning the most powerful noob that ever existed. He can control every noob in his sight, even though he doesn't do it to friends and important noobs. He has no magical or physical powers at all. His only powers are creating up to 40 noobs or controling an apparently infinite amount of noobs. He also can make a noob army extremely strong by using his powerups.


Kevin appears to be a stereotypical "noob", still wearing a straw hat with a black hood and some high tech hybrid omega super powered unicorn energized monocle. He wears a blue shirt and green pants, similar to how the "noob" stereotype dresses.


Kevin appears to have a very childish personality, often not taking things seriously. He also appears to be a very ambitious person. Like Noob Jamar, he appears to not understand the concept of "death" correctly.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Throws NoobCaik. Does not do any damage to the enemy, but it adds 5 extra seconds for the noob duration and boosts their damage by 5%. Duration of damage buff is 3 seconds. N/A 1.5 second
E Summons a noob out of his staff. The max number of nooblets are 5. They line up behind kevin when not in battle. 77 each shank. 3 seconds. Noobs shank enemies with their knives every 2 seconds.
R Commands all noobs to use their machine guns. Duration is 5 seconds. 99 each bullet. 12 seconds.
F All the noobs turn Goku Saiyan and shoots Blu Beams constantly for 20 seconds. 120 damage each blue beam. 2 minutes.

Note: Effects stack.


1: Increase noob base damage.

15 SP = 25% more damage

50 SP = 125% more damage

2: Increases noob duration.

15= +10 seconds

50 = +30 seconds

3: Increases the Orlando Connection.

(When this is upgraded, each effect will not be stacked. Exept for the 50 SP upgrade. the 50 SP upgrade combines all effects)

This upgrade basically adds new abilities when upgraded.

15 SP = Noobs wears the phantom mask. Machine gun bullets are 2x bigger, and Noobs attack with Frying Pans, which increases the speed of attacking by 25%.

30 SP = Noobs wear Noob Signs. Speed is increased by 25%, and Skill cooldowns are lowered by 5 seconds.

50 SP= Noobs wear straw hats, and a swordpack. Also, Noobs uses the katana as a weapon instead. The speed of attacking is raised by 50%. Duration of noob hp is raised by 10%. For every hit with the noob minions, noob minion duration increases by 1 second per hit. Each hit melee hit is now a lifesteal and grants you 15 HP.


Noob Jamar

Kevin was the one to tell Mr. Wise that Artur had a big potential.

Mr. Wise

Was the one to help kevin when he was teleported from Japan to the current universe.


  • Kevin Orlando has enough power to control the entire N-Force and should therefore be the most powerful noob if not by the fact that he is childish.