Keno Narukami is a OC for Devil Beater.


Keno appears to be a kingdom guard, with raindows wings, he also can have a beard and a Blaze.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB He attacked the Enemy with his Blaze. 12 (Normal)

22 (15/15/15)

32 (50/50/50)

3 seconds
E He throws his Blaze to the Enemy while it's keeps throwing when the enemy moves around. 40 (Normal)

46 (15/15/15)

50 (50/50/50)

3 seconds
R He speedly stabbed the Enemy with his Blaze when the Enemy being stabbed, it is on fire. 20 (Normal)

29 (15/15/15)

53 (50/50/50)

0.7 seconds
F He sent his Arms and Legs on fire and attacked 16 Enemys shortly. 40 (Normal)

44 (15/15/15)

48 (50/50/50)

5 seconds

Upgraded Moves

Key Description Damage Cooldown
RMB He grab a Grappling Hook quickly and shoot to some walls and Enemys. None 1 minute
C He shoots some Enemys with his Shotgun. 27 (15/15/15)

62 (50/50/50)

3 seconds
L He shoots Narukami balls with his Blaze to the Enemy. 20 (15/15/15)

25 (50/50/50)

1.0 seconds
N He blasts nukes to the Enemys when Keno point his Blaze to the Enemy. 29 (15/15/15)

42 (50/50/50)

3 seconds
H He healed Players with his healer launcher that have lower healths. None 1 minutes


- Increase Narukami balls

- Increase damage

- Increase getting healed from the C button

List of people who will get his H (50/50/50)

  1. Me (one of his creator)
  2. Siam123485 (nothing?)

Asked something on the comment if you will get his H


  • Keno was orginally young with a small damage, with a Female gender and can be named "Justin Nut-Cracker Do".
  • He orginally going to be Boris's insane cringy character.