Kelios Levithanil is an OC created by the user Ena_Sotelo


Kelios Levithanil is a guy with red hood, red helmet and red scarf. He wears red and black rope

(The sword shown in image known as "Archangel")

Full credits to filthy for the sword and thegg for the pose.


Kelios is easily angered example if you touch his sword and he will just shout at you for no reason.


Key Name Function Damage Cooldown
Passive Blood



Kelios Lands an attack, damage goes up by 5.

None None
LMB "Slash" Slashes his sword for medium damage. 250 0.5 Seconds
E Judgement Kelios does a heavy slash,dealing high damage and stun the enemy. 500 5 Seconds
R Crazed Strike (Also known as Nothing personal kid) Kelios teleport behind nearby enemy and slashes his sword 3 times, dealing massive high damage. 345 x 3 6 Seconds
F "What a joke..." Kelios stun himself for 3 seconds then smash the ground with Archangel, creating a earthquake and dealing MASSIVE damage to all enemy on the map. 845 24 Seconds
T(15/15/15) Orbitalic Destruction Kelios raise his Archangel then summon 30 orbs rains from above, dealing medium damage each hit. 150(each orb) 30 Seconds
Q(50/50/50) (None yet) Kelios sacrifices 55% of his health and increase his health speed and damage permanently by 25%. None 65 Seconds


Increase Kelios's movement speed slightly
Increase damage
Increase health


WIP question mark?


  • Smart people knows Kelios is basically Helios but K instead of H
  • Made long time ago (around a year ago)
  • Archangel is made by user known as "Filthy_Sinner"
  • He is replacement of Tina in group known as "Outcasts"
  • Qu was here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)