Kanashi Ningen is an OC for devil beater and works for The Company.


Kanashi wears a red baseball cap, a purple headband and some headphones. He dons a blue shirt and some black pants.


Kanashi was a normal human,living with his family. He was 18 at the time when he went out for an adventure alone. He found an abandoned temple which he explored. Sooner or later one of the pillars fell on him and yeah... Kanashi's family was worried and his body wasnt found for 3 days. Eventually out of nowhere kanashi came back home as a zombie?. And he somehow got the narukami element. Yeah.


Key Desc DMG CLD
LMB Kanashi places a red baseball cap, the same one hes wearing on the ground that shoots lasers at the enemy. Can put up to 3 turrets. 100 1 sec
E Kanashi greats a short green aura arounds him,which duplicates his turrets,knocks backs enemies and does damage,and heals allies. 150 damage and heal 16 secs
R Kanashi calls out a pet zombie cat and hugs him for 5 seconds, this heals himself and all allies to full HP and stuns the enemy for 5 seconds after the attack ends. Buff 15 secs
F Kanashi stuns the enemy,runs back behind him,pulls out a REAL gun and shoots the enemy in the head. Very dramatic. 9999 1 minute
Passive Kanashi walks like a ragdoll. none none


  • the only oc i actually want in the game
  • hes supposed to be sad all of the time
  • his r is a refrence to nolegs from ebf1/2/3/4 aaaaa