Kaio Rabid is a Stratus user. She uses a double sided wheel imbued with stratus to support both herself and her teammates, In 50/50/50 Her Cooldowns Will Be:

(LMB) 3 Seconds

(E) 6 Seconds

(R) 8 Seconds

(F) 10 Seconds

(L) ??? Seconds (Haven't Decided)

SirVenon Most Likely Will Pay For This Character, If Not Its a Goner.

And And If You are Wondering ``Who Gave You Permission?!`` The Answer Is SirVenon,And If ultimatesilver661 Agrees.


Kaio Rabid Has A Bunny Mask, She Also Has Purple Hair,

She Is Also With A Purple Shirt (Torso-Colored) And Pants (Legs-Colored)

other stuff

Her Exclusive L Has Been Removed Since Drager Doesnt Like Those, Now You'll Get Her Early.

People Who Will Get Her Early.

*Myself (Liteally Just Made This And Updated It Since i Have No Life)

*Kaiden10043 (Helper Of Descriptions)

*Arandomname314159 (Friend)

*NoobyGuestBroz (Possible Friend-Giveaway)

*YummyMORPHER (Friend, And One I Talk To.)

*luigilover18 (Friend i Mostly Talk To.)

*cris555851 (because)

*qu (because he gets everything and he's cool)

*UncleDuckFace (harass)

*BackflipZoura (In Return For Sangiuems L.)

*iiKingRobux (Because he is king of the robux i guess)


*floweryraocow(Since he's a cool guy)

*fireninjaworrier(Giveaway And For Austism)

*SirVenon(For Paying And Making This Thing Alive)

*BeastlyMas89(Good Friend Of Mine)

*ultimatesliver661 (because)

*Demaru (Friend I Knew And Kinda Made Me Like ROBLOX More.)

*charlie9903 (FRIENDO)

*thisisaducky (HE'S A DUCKY WHY NOT)

*coolguy1606 (because)

*I will NOT be doing anymore giveaways,But i will do friends that actually beg for my character early, will only get her early (since the beg is real), if this character comes out then this will be actually useless.

And By The Way, This WIll Be The Damage Listed For The L:

100 Lifesteal, And 100 Damage,

And 75/75/75 Will Most Likely Be 125 Lifesteal, And 140 Damage


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Slam the wheel on the ground. slow but deals high damage. if F is activated Kaio uses both hands to slam the ground. creates shockwaves and deals more damage. Most Likely Will Do 300-600,If Added With Her F 30 Seconds
E Kaio revs up the wheel on the ground. She then launches the wheel forward to catch enemies towards her. Deals medium damage. if F is activate the wheel will go faster Will Do about 200 damage w/ her f, without it would be 60. 15 Seconds
R Kaio puts the wheel over her head, then shakes the wheel to make healing pulses. Heals 25 for each pulse. if any enemies are caught in the pulses, they are slowed. if F is activated, the pulses will heal for 50 points, and enemies will be slowed down twice as much healing 25 each pulse

with F 50-100 each pulse

20 Seconds
F Kaio turns the wheel to separate them both to release Stratus energy from the wheel. During this form, Kaio slowly heals herself. She will also deal more damage than usual. Self-Buff,Healing,Attack Buff. 40 Seconds