June Snapicous Is A OC For Devil Beater, It Will Not Be Canon Intill: I Buy For It, Or Someone Buys It For No Reason At All And Yes this is based off genocider syo from danganronpa, say all the things about me being a weeaboo okay? thanks. June Also Uses Scissors As Her Weapon.


June Snapicous's image is not out yet, i'll just probably replace it with an avatar of mine for an image (which is cancer, so im sorry), june wears a tuxedo like outfit, with bunny slippers, and a cloak on.


She Is Kinda Psycho, Which Makes Her A Genocider-Syo Based Character, Including Her Scissors. She Can Be Pretty Calm At Times, But Then Of Course, She Can Be An Insane Person At Points Were Someone/Something Makes Her "Snap"


Key Description Damage Cooldown
Q Summons Scissors None 1 Time
LMB Snip And Snaps

With The Scissors

70, And gives you

20+ health back (Lifesteal)

E Scatter Scissors In A Straight Line 200 Damage 10 Seconds
R Blast An Aura Of Aether, Then Home Scissors At The Enemy. 600

Damage + 40 Health Back (Lifesteal)



F Throw Your Scissors Like a Psycho, Then If The Enemy Is Caught, Grab A Huge Scissor And Slice The Enemy. 700


+ 100 Lifesteal

1 Minute


1 - Decrease Cooldowns

Note: Only decreases by 0.8

2 - Increase Health

Note: That'd be by 5+

3 - Increase Damage

Note: Only About 1+ Of increasing.

Backstory (WIP)

Still WIP until im not lazy, okay?