Jow Mhyme is an OC based off the user called Jowzie.


Black and white hair with tattoos and a bracelet. Wears a tribal outfit that covers important parts.


Keys Description DMG CLD
LMB Click and hold to spray black orbs. 50 None
E Summons a black skull turret that follows her and lasts until she dies.(Up to 2 can be summoned.) 200 None
R Permanently increases skull damage by 35. (Stacks.) 0 15 Seconds
F Fires 4 homing orbs. 150 per orb. 18


  • Increases fire rate and travel speed of E.
  • Increases F damage.
  • Decrease R cooldown.


She is super sassy and despises haters. Has a short temper.


Jow Mhyme is in a secret, dark society and within this society she became a Mhyyme.

This is all we know...


  • This page was made with help of Logan. (LogansAlt77)
  • Jow Mhyme can levitate like Chester and Rhinechi.

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