Joshua Eques is a man wearing a space helmet and a cowboy hat. He wears an open suit without a tie


Joshua is a laid back person who claims he is the Space Cowboy. He loves space and Cowboys. He's also implied that he smokes and makes jokes about it.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Yee-haw Fire your revolver. Deals medium damage.

200 Damage


E Catch a drink! Throw a bottle. Gives the enemy a debuff called "Oiled up" 350 damage 4.0
R Just a small smoke. Throw a lit match. Deals way too much damage when the enemy is Oiled up. Adds DoT. 100 base damage + 800 DMG if oiled up. 6.0
F Let loose. Ready up and fire 6 Deadly shots out of your revolver. The last bullet deals additional damage. 200 Damage (+300 on the last shot) 18
Q DODGE Dive foward onto the ground. Gives you a shield for the duration of the dodge. After diving you have to get up. N/A 2.0


PASSIVE The Space Cowboy You have lower gravity and the more you use your LMB the less cooldown it has 10 second window before resetting Cowboys dont have cooldowns silly


  • Some people call me the space cowboy
  • some people call me the gangster of love
  • some people call me maurice
  • if this didn't get approved he would've probably gone into The Gents