Joobar Bario, the Volcanic

Joobar Bario is Noob Jamar's older brother. He is the sub-commander of The Company and their strongest member, hence his nickname "Volcanic", as he can obliterate everyone in his way.


Like Noob Jamar, he has a big, smiley head and an arrow piercing it. However, Joobar has a sombrero and what appears to be cactus 'arms' popping out on the sides of his head. He wears a rather unusual suit.


Unlike Noob Jamar, Joobar is extremely serious. He tends to roleplay as the role of an evil antagonist of shounen anime. He is extremely intelligent and mostly always take lead in plans. Also, in battles, when he's about to do a strong attack, he says "Volcanic". Outside battles and conflicts, he is a really chill and nice person.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
Q Upon pressing, Strom FoF comes out of his arms, Helios FoF comes from his right leg and Narukami FoF comes from the left leg. N/A Once per life
LMB Shots a fast, big and volcanic-like strom projectile. 55 0.2 seconds
E Makes 3 magic circles of Strom, Narukami and Helios. After 1.5 second, he will fire a laser from each magic circle. The Strom laser is the smallest one. The Helios laser is the largest one. The lasers will stop after 4 seconds. The Strom does 100 damage per second. Narukami does 50 damage per second, but steals the enemy's HP to heal him by 1/5 of the damage he did. The Helios laser does 25 damage per second. 10 seconds
R Makes a large field that constantly produces microwaves to melt the enemy. Effect ends after 4 seconds. 250 damage per second. 10 seconds.
F Volcanic. Makes a really really really really large Strom magic circle that shots a massive laser, alongside a barrage of 10 Narukami and 10 Helios bullets. Effect ends after 3 seconds. Strom Laser: 300 damage per second.

Narukami Bullets (slow): 250 damage.

Helios Bullets (fast): 120 damage.

25 seconds.


1: Upgrade base stats slightly.

Note: HP = 5. Speed = 0.2 Damage: 5 for each point.

2: Upgrades your base damage.

Note: 15 for each point.

3: Upgrades your base stats slightly again.

Note: Same as upgrade one.


Same as Noob Jamar's but in Highschool and The Company instead. (I'm too lazy to make something)


[Insert The Company]


  • His pose and a bit of his personality was based of Okabe Rintarou, protagonist of the anime Steins;Gate.
  • He is the first character to use more than one element.
  • He is intended to be OP due to lore.
  • Joobar hates Noob Jamar because he's "too pure and innocent" and are therefore enemies.
  • He is basically JamarMario's self insert.