Jonathan Nwosu is an OC that is based of jonathannwosu


Jonathan has a Robo Santa Clause hat and DJ Headphones on his neck.His skin color is brown he has the Shiny Teeth face. He has a Green Lazer shirt (Hence why he's Narukami) and Black Pants.


Jonathan was born an angel.One day he and his two brothers Wale and Stephen got sent to earth so he can witness somewhere else than heaven.All of them split on their own path to learn different skills.Jonathan went with Dimensiona and got to be in the Dane Gang.He is best friends with Chester despite him being REALLY REALLY annoying.He is also best friends with Dane Vine because he likes the way Dane thinks.(He was still a child at that time) He likes Venon also because he is the best DJ he's ever seen(He's seen no DJ's in his life :Y) he then learned to infuse Narukami into his angel powers.He also learned how to summon angels.He even manifested his angel wings,but then he went to challenge Akuma, and destroy him.He actually almost defeated him,but he made an opening because he was acting sluggish,so Akuma used that good.He cursed him.The curse was when he got unstable he would turn into a form that kills anything it sees,and it can destroy anything it sees,so Jonathan tries to maintain stable,but there was only once when he got unstable.When someone really beat up the Dane Gang besides him.Then,he got unstable,and then he went into cursed form, and let's just say it was like a nuke hit there when he started.But luckily the Dane Gang was still alive.


Jonathan is Nice and Joyful he always makes sure everyone is ok,and he puts faces at the beginning or at the end of his text (E.X:"Hey guys whats up :P"

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