Johnny wears a Time Keeper's Topper, a Conductor's Gold Pocket Watch on his chest, Timework Clockphones, and Clockwork Shades. He also wears the Flux suit.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Rmb None Detonates one bird to deal damage. 100 per bird 1 second
Lmb Time to Attack Johnny throws 5 wall clocks in the mouse direction to deal damage. 60 per clock (300 total) 2 seconds (No cooldown between each clock thrown. Only after all clocks are thrown.)
E Time Bomb Johnny throws a time bomb in front of him. The bomb will beep and explode 5 seconds afterwards. 200 10 seconds
R Time Switch Johnny pulls out his time watch and activates it and teleports 15 studs in the mouse direction, leaving behind a black hole in its wake that does small aoe damage. 50 per second for 5 seconds (250 total) 20 seconds
F Hammer Time Johnny equips a steampunk glove and slams it into the ground to send a shockwave that stuns all enemies hit for 3 seconds. 250 (on contact)

50 (shockwave)

12 seconds
T Not Enough Time! Johnny screams 1 of three taunts. Either "Ain't nobody got time for that!", "It's time to stop!", or "Za Warudo!" -2938149013 None you fool!
Z Timeless Creatures Johnny pulls out 3 mechanical birds from his pocket that start to automatically attack enemies by ramming into them for 10 seconds. 35 per hit No cooldown until max bird cap is reached, then 30 seconds


  • Decrease the cooldown of "Time Switch"
  • Increase Johnny's base walkspeed
  • Increase the damage of all moves drastically


Johnny is an older-aged male who likes time. He has taken a passion to watching time ever since he was little. Johnny always knows exactly what the time is, even in a state of distress, no matter where he is.

Johnny tends to be a very laid back person, but when it comes to dealing with time or time management, he becomes a very serious person. He also LOVES time-related puns and he typically cracks them a lot when he's in a good mood.


*Tempora Lusus Naturae roughly means "Time Freak" in Latin.

*The last 4 digits of the price is in reference to when the first time-telling device (the sundial) was made.