Joey Duck is a crippled warrior for the game Devil Beater.


Joey Duck is a nibba on a wheelchair with a baseball bat.


LMBJoey swings his bat for MAXIMUM DAMAGE.13372 seconds
EJoey throws one of his last quarters.697 seconds
RJoey yells "Hey Peter" and shocks the enemy, stunning them for 3 seconds.0 (stuns)4 seconds
FJoey falls off his wheelchair and dies777None 


Joey hates people of a different race other than white. He is known for beating gangsters in the back alley with his baseball bat he named "George."


Joey got his legs broken due to an incident in the back alley of his local Walmart where he proceeded to beat the ever living hell out of an Asian gangster, until the rest of his gang showed up to make him pay for his sins, and soon after the Asian's five other gang members proceeded to break his legs, the cops showed up and Joey was sent to the hospital. The cops assumed that Joey was simply getting "jumped", and never looked into his racist beating history. Soon after the beating, Joey decided that he REALLY hated people who aren't white, so he decided to move away from his home in Brooklyn and move to Detroit, where plenty of hoodlums lurked the streets.


White people

Joey loves them.


Joey hates them.

Peter Griffin

Joey secretly believes that Peter is a communist, due to how Peter is often saying how "The Soviets should've won".


  • you stupidg ay lol

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