Jexx Terna is an OC for the game Devil Beater that will possibly be bought in.


Jexx wears a white and black fedora and sunglasses. He has black bunny ears and he has black spiky hair. He also wears a black vest and a white shirt with a tie. He is also wearing the Dimensonia Suit Trousers.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Pull out a knife and slash in

front of you.

60 0.5 seconds
E Stab yourself in the chest.

Damage and speed increases, and cooldowns decrease for 10 seconds. 1/50 chance that you'll just die.

None. 10 seconds
R Rapidly kick super fast. Hold

R to keep kicking. Plays


30 each


10 seconds
F Pull out two pistols and spin around shooting randomly like Reaper from Overwatch does. 60 each


30 seconds
Q Do a random JoJo pose. Plays

this when pulled.

None. None.
X Pull out a dispenser that heals people. Can either be Red or Blue. Heals

60 health

a second.

5 seconds
T Laugh. Plays this audio or thisone.
G Pull a bomb out of your

vest and explode.

9001 9001 seconds


Jexx always has something in his vest. He also has his arms behind his back for some reason. I wonder why.


  • Damage.
  • Buff Time for the E.
  • Speed of R.

List of people to receive Jexx's G

  • iiKingRobux (Haha overused joke.)
  • Tsuranuita
  • Etaleo_Callidum
  • ChrisSinisterra
  • SirVenon
  • door_kn0b (Primo is banned from db lmao so he gave it to his friend)
  • qu240103
  • alexdavid4
  • Filthy_Sinner
  • Hopleessly (AKA Hop Lee, the best D character.)
  • RageGaming99
  • kaiden10043 (For giving me the Leafy clone.)
  • BackflipZoura

I'll be adding more people to the list through the days.


  • Jexx is always has something in his vest, it's called his body.
  • Etaleo fucked this up for about 10 minutes.