this beautiful creature was made by a nerd named kaiden10043, OC for Devil boot or something

possibly will be bought in still.


Jotaro clone with big head and spiky spikes for ears and a arrow piercing his braino, ultimate waifu or something, give me your wallet now


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB (oreo)

punch the enemy and try to act buff (J activated) same thing

200 damage

10 Seconds
E (JEEET FINGERR) use your finger and poke the enemy (with the J mi dude) it just does the same thing 250 damage 30 Seconds
R (OREO) literally detach your arms to quickly punch your enemy a lot, locks you and the enemy(s) being punched in place (with J activated) the stand actually does stuff, punches the enemy at the end of the move you say "Yare Yare Daze" and other edgy stuff I guess (max of 500) 50 each hit (total of 10 hits) 3 minutes
F (something) yell at the enemy(s) for being THOTS, damages enemies in a close range (with J activated) the stand does nothing for this 200 damage 15 seconds
T (just like the mango) pose, you just pose pose damage none
passive (50/50/50) you Emit "Menacing" particles around you none none
J (for the funny maymays) (50/50/50) summon a cardboard (warning not actual card board, keep away from children) stando thing that just floats there increases speed and health slightly until you die I guess


This mistake was going to be a Dio clone named "Duplo Brando" but was a cancelled idea and got replaced with Jetaro Metal

the bighead, spikes, and arrow are a part of an older outfit of kaiden10043's I guess


the dumpster club thingo is a joke or something

I Shall never regret saying that - Logan

we need Jetaro porn :^))) - god himself

I want jetaro to hug me and then pin me in bed and then hug me in bed and then say it was a prank -God himself.



- increase damage

- Increase speed drastically

- decrease cooldowns



list (because people wanted it or something)

kancer10043 aka kaiden10043 (69/69/69)

Yam Morph Man, aka YummyMORPHER(69/69/69)

awesomemurder3 (69/69/69)

The_Gentlemaniac (69/69/69)

xxlivexlifexx (69/69/69)

ChrisSinisterra (69/69/69)

qu240103 (69/69/69)

Waffle_Conecups (69/69/69)

hoxo(numbers) (ok 69/69/69)

BackflipZoura (69/69/69)

LogansAlt(number) ("Get this thing to top 1 now, before I stay for another month" 69/69/69)

iiNixis (woa the fading shadow is actually a bit better with the help of kaiden10043 0/0/0) still terrible though

that nerd named coolguy(numbers) or something (69/69/69)

Firehyperking or something (0/0/0 challenge)

Unknown987 (69/69/69 challenge + Estrada challenge)

xxskylerisbackxx (0/0/0 challenge)

Unco Noobo, aka TheUncommonNoob, (69/69/69)

Shadowsonic679 (69/69/69)

that weeb named terraberry (AnPan-Man best oc 69/69/69)

ways to get on the list

  1. beat the entire game as Nactis, Jotaro, Anatis, and Solido no skips 4 players allowed. (0/0/0)
  2. be a cool kid or something (69/69/69 or 0/0/0 I guess)
  3. idk

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