Japorwave is a creation of MACINTOSH PLUS.




He aint got one really because his head is a STATUE.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB fire a microsoft 95 logo out of your hand dealing miniscule damage 95 0.6 seconds
E your head becomes extremely yuge then you fall 150 2
R Paint a foe in vaporwave colors, stunning and rooting them. 65 5
F Summon a Helios Bust which fires Helios Busts which fires MORE helios busts 35 per bust - 30 second lasting time 30 seconds after thing is over
Q increase your max hp by 20 - max is 1995 none 5 second


Increase Max Health limit. when 15 skill points are added in the health is 3990, at 50 the max is 7980, and the max hp you gain from Q is increased by 1 per point.

Increase the lasting time of the R stun time and helios bust lasting time, at 15 they're both at 1 minute, at 50 one is at 30 seconds and 2 minutes to compensate for the stun amount of 15.

Head Becomes BIG. REALLY BIG. the size by every point increases the size by 0.2 studs times the current limit and the damage is multiplied by 1.1 every upgrade.


When the "Vaporwave" Genre of Aesthetics became extremely famous, There were VAPORWAVE THINGS, which acted like people with "helios bust" heads, which is a replica of the personification of the sun. The B squad noticed a massive pack and God Himself came to pick out which were the best and kindly ask them "hey vapor man you wanna join the best squad in existence", they found a MAJOR FUCKING TANK, being very useful to their team, they added him and he agreed to join. At a cost, the vaporwaves heard about this and began to rebel against the vaporwave, trying to kill him every time he has been seen. This made him had to go into hiding, and the vapors were killed off by evil people trynna get evil powers from the vaporwave stuff, which made the vaporwave genre die slowly, Less and less people began liking it, which made this ones goal to make vaporwave a e s t h e t i c Again.