James is a oc for the spiders.


James wears a comedy mask, has a hat, and wears the same suit as Siam.

Move set

[Passive] Ghost N/A User can go through walls. N/A
LMB Gun N/A User shots the foe with a bullet. 800 If a head shot. 400 (800 If head shot).
E Gun Repair 5 User stacks their attack. N/A
R Recover 20 User regains 40% of their hp. N/A
F It's high noon. 40 IT'S HIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH & NOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNN (user fucking goes h&n on the foes ass. Pretty much the user shots down the user for 10 seconds.) 900


James is quite dead serious, the only time he isn't is, is when he's talking about his personal life. He also likes to drinks root bear 24/7.


James has quite the story. When James was 20, he made a deal with Xenon. For power of a demi-god-like Ghost, he had to give up his face. He didn't know Xenon was about to trick him, he gave his face up, but, no demi-god-like power, just ghost-like powers (I.e going through walls), then Xenon started to laugh, and disappeared. He started to search for him. One year later, he found Xenon, he said he sold the face to someone. Years go by, he hasn't found his face. Then, one of the members of the "Spiders", offered him to join. The member said if he joined, he could find his face better. So, he did, and is closer as ever to finding it.


James is one of the few OCs that will get a complete design right after their made (it will be added soon).

James is actually gay.

James is in love with Cova Lucifer, the boss of the Spiders.

James is a semi-joke character.

Redono is pronounced re-don-o.

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