Isamu Katsu is a joke OC. :U


Isamu wears a rainbow sparkle time fedora on top of his rainbow hair. He also wears the classic Helios suit.


Isamu grew up in a very religious family, unfortunate enough for him. He had a sister that knew his secret more than his parents had any idea. His sister kept it confidential until it slipped out infront of the the parents one day. He was kicked out of his own house and was forced into a mafioso lifestyle by his father as he "Is not manly enough." Isamu stole the souls of innocents as they walked by his territory. He still cannot be found but threatens to steal the soul of Diablo Bufon due to his multiple weapon capabilities. This power added to his own. However, this does not make him Isotope due to the energy taken being almost like food and not an upgrade.


Isamu may seem nice but shy. However, he has a much darker side to him. Brutally murdering innocence as he craved the blood of civilians. He killed not only for food, but for sport.


Moveset for Isamu:

Attack Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB "Multi-coloured Death" Isamu shoots a large, spherical orb that is multi-coloured. The orb travels slowly, much like Chris' LMB, and can be shot up to 5 times. After 5 times, he shoots a much larger orb that does twice as much damage as the others. Small ~ 30 dmg

Large ~ 60 dmg

Small ~ 0.3 seconds.

Large ~

1 second.

E "Butterfly Swarm" Isamu sends the enemy packing with 10 butterflies chasing the enemy. Each butterfly does 20 dmg and stuns the enemy for 0.5 seconds. 20 dmg per Butterfly 8 seconds.
R "Rainbow Airstrike" A large multi-coloured beam comes down from the sky to strike infront of you. If nobody is hit, there will be no cooldown and can be done again until hitting an enemy. When the enemy is hit, however, a large cooldown will begin. 1000 dmg. 1 minute.
F "BFF's" Attracts the nearest enemy to Isamu towards him. The enemy and Isamu are then put into a stunlock for the next 10 seconds. During the 10 seconds, Isamu will repeatedly hit the enemy with much weaker beams. There are 20 beams, each doing 100 damage. This attack has a very punishing cooldown. If all beams hit the enemy, Isamu turns into rainbow man. Rainbow man has a different moveset and is just a rainbow Roblox avatar. :U 2000 dmg in total. 1 minute and 45 seconds.

Moveset for Rainbow Man:

Attack Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB "Not-so-black Hole" Rainbow Man shoots a large, multi-coloured orb forwards. When it hits an enemy, the enemy is suddenly jolted towards Rainbow Man. (Much like Demixeur) 100 dmg. 2 seconds.
E "Army of Butterflies" Rainbow Man shoots 20 butterflies at the enemy. Each butterfly does 20 dmg and stuns the enemy for 1 second. 20 dmg per butterfly. 10 seconds.
R "Zeus' Punishment" A much larger beam is shot infront of Rainbow Man than Isamu's. It also does slightly higher damage and has a stun that lasts for 8 seconds. 1200 dmg. 1 minute.
F "Take Me Back" Return to your original form. However, when returning to it, you release a HUGE beam from the sky that covers you completely. When enemies touch this, they receive GODLY knockback and suffer GODLY damage. 3000 dmg. ~


  • None known relationships... :^(


  • Isamu, in Japanese, means "Courage or Bravery".
  • Katsu means "Victory".

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