Imitator Guest's Appearance

Imitator Guest has the colors of a guest (Studio issue) but with a white hoodie.

Also he isn't gonna be bought in unless someone wants to for a 50'd version cuz wasting 15k robucc isnt fun for us.[2]

Imitator Guest's Moveset

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Passive: something Every time he hits an enemy a healing orb will come out and heal the nearest ally. None math.huge
Left Click slashing thing Swing your possibly non-existant sword 150 0.75 seconds
E Totally not Vis Roll on a ball and run people over like a drunk driver. 250 15 seconds
R Hey guys heals here Create a healing bubble around him.


150 healing

10 seconds
F Totally not Techeun Perform a spin attack and then shoot out a tornado.

50 (spin)

300 (tornado)


== Imitator Guest's Personality == He's silent because he's trying to imitate a guest

Imitator Guest's Relationships


Was a good friend of his before Guest was affected by the timelock


  1. Increases speed
  2. Increases the amount he heals
  3. ...


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