Illuminoob is a Devil Beater OC that is part of the Noob Gang.


Illuminoob has green skin and has the Illuminati triangle as a head. It is also wearing an Illuminati noob shirt and is wearing the Noob Gang pants. (Pants from Apocalypse Rising.)


Attack Description Damage Cooldown
Triangular Punch


Use a triangle to punch

the enemy.

25 0.5 seconds


Play the X Files theme

to spook the enemy.

*Stun* 13 seconds


A giant arm comes from

out of the ground and

crushes the enemy.

250 42 seconds
The True Power.


The illuminati head goes

into the air and shoots a

giant laser out of it's eye.

500 66 seconds


Illuminoob is a spooky scary character. It likes to prank other people.


It was born this way.


Illuminoob has the power to control the world, too bad it's too stupid to know how. :U

666 is the devils number.

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