Also known as iiKingRobux's Retarded Cousin.
Key Move DMG Cooldown
LMB Shoot 10 Tickets from your ticket gun. 10 x 10 (if all hit) 0.5 Seconds
E Makes a pile of tix. (3 Uses only) N/A 3 Seconds
R Using the pile of tix, Make a tix sentry. 10 Dmg per Tix Bullet 5 Seconds
F Using the pile of tix, make a tix dispenser. 50 HP Heal, and allows you to make piles of tix more often. 10 Seconds
T Play the Sad song on the smallest violin on earrape levels, while also shooting yourself in the head with the tickets gun. You are ded. once a life lol
Q 50/50/50 Transform into iiKingRobux and use that Moveset instead. N/A 60 Seconds