Key Moveset Dmg Cooldown
LMB Shoot your ww1 Rifle. Sometimes shoots more than one bullet. 50 Dmg 0.5 Seconds
E Hop on your snowmobile, activates your second moveset. N/A 1 Second
R Throw a sharpened maple leaf at your enemy, while also piercing and applying bleed. 100 + 30 Seconds of 5 DMG Bleed 3 Seconds
F Take out your walkie talkie, and request for an airstrike on the enemy. Yes, the missiles home. 200 x 10. 30 Seconds.

The Snowmobile Moveset

Key Moveset Dmg Cooldown
LMB Use your snowblower as knockback tool. 200 + Insane Knockback 0.5 Seconds
E Charge at the enemy with your snowmobile, running them over. 500 DMG 4 Seconds
R Swerve around, creating waves of snow going in every direction. 500 DMG per snow wave + Freeze 6 Seconds
F Accidentally jam your snowblower, releasing pressurized air, ice and snow.

(this move also removes the snowmobile, so you have to use the first moveset.)

1000 Dmg + Insane Knockback + Freeze 100 DMG to Self 30 Seconds

Special Moves

Key Moveset DMG Cooldowns
G (50/50/50) Take out some Insulin and heal yourself fully. N/A 10 Seconds
Q Make a small health center that lasts until it is broken, it provides good healing and sometimes buffs. (Center or Centre if you are using ACTUAL english, HP is 100.) Until Centre/Center is Destroyed.

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